If you haven't seen the South Park season premiere yet, there will be SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk. Before last night's episode, we learned through a clip that the premiere would target the tiki-torch-waving white nationalists who descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia last month, but, in truly hilarious South Park fashion, the show also managed to cross over into the real world, in quite an amazing way. This is your last chance to avoid SPOILERS for last night's South Park premiere, so read on at your own risk.

While the episode did delve into the white nationalist movement, the story was also paired with Cartman and all of the South Park kids discovering how hilarious home assistant devices like the Echo and Google Home can be. The episode begins with all of the kids hanging out at Cartman's house, giddily asking Cartman's new Alexa assisted Echo to add items like "big hairy balls" and "titty chips" to their shopping list. When Alexa repeats the command, the kids all burst out into fits of laughter, but if you had one of these devices actually plugged in while watching the episode, many fans noticed that their devices were actually performing the commands in real time.

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Uproxx compiled a number of tweets from fans who had an Alexa, Echo or Google Home plugged in, and reported that their devices were actually performing the commands requested by Cartman and other characters on the show. Some fans even recorded video of their devices going off, with one Twitter user named Jessica Plunkett sharing a video of her Alexa saying, "Simon says suck my big balls in my hairy butthole," directly after commanded to do so by the show. Another Twitter user named Chris said he had to unplug his Alexa after 15 minutes because it kept going off so much. While the show has moved away from its portrayal of Donald Trump this season, the show is still finding ways to break new ground after more than two decades on the air.

There was also a scene in last night's episode where Cartman asks Alexa to set an alarm for 7 AM, and many users reported that their Alexa devices also set their alarm for 7 AM. The show found a hilarious way to combine the white nationalist story with this Alexa fad, which came to a head when Randy Marsh and his wife Sharon decided they had enough of the protests, since it was disrupting their new reality TV series, "White People Rennovating Houses." In a hilarious twist, the white nationalists weren't actually protesting anything regarding racial strife, but that these Alexa devices were "taking their jobs," a theme that has come up with these characters in the past. A solution was finally reached, which lead to everyone in South Park getting rid of all their devices, and instead hiring these Confederate flag-waving men to add things to their shopping list, tell them the time, or even sing whatever song was requested.

None of these fans seemed too upset about the disruption, and while series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven't specifically stated that they wanted to set off their fans' personal assistant devices, it certainly seems likely. The show's creators seem to be taking their satire to another level with their new South Park video game, entitled The Fractured But Whole, available October 17. A recent walkthrough video of the game revealed that the game's difficulty levels are based on the character's skin color. Comedy Central has already renewed South Park through the year 2019, so the future of this hit show is certainly intact. Take a look at this collection of tweets from viewers whose devices were set off by last night's South Park.