Die Antwoord just revealed that they have a television show entitled South African Ninja coming soon to a screen near you and it looks totally insane. The news comes after a comic book about the South African creepy duo was announced at San Diego Comic-Con late last month. The comic book, which was written and conceptualized by Ninja and Yo-landi Visser, is entitled 'F*%k Everybody' and it's limited to 1,000 copies worldwide for $20 through the group's website. While promoting the comic book, Ninja revealed that the comic project was actually just the first step in a wild journey to release a live-action television series about the life and times of Die Antwoord.

The news comes to us via GeorgeFm who report that the live-action series is actually made up of all of the crazy videos that the group has released over the past 7 years. Ninja released a statement for the television series that you can read below.

"All the ZEF videos and movies DIE ANTWOORD have made over the last 7 years were little clips from our own TV SERIES we making called SOUTH AFRICAN NINJA!"

All of those creepy, disturbing, over-the-top, bizarre videos will somehow be developed into a TV series of some type. How cohesive it will be is anybody's guess, but it sure looks intriguing.

The teaser for the show starts with a quote that reads: "To kill a demon you must become a demon..." and then it just gets straight up weird. Ninja is shown with a group draped in what appears to be American flags that may want to kill him while Visser is shown in a black and white shot wearing some white lingerie. Next up are what appears to be some prisoners followed by a lion chilling on the street while a hyena roams a parking lot with a bleach container in its mouth because why not? Jack Black is shown in the clip from the group's previous short video, Tommy Can't Sleep. Ninja has previously mentioned that Charlize Theron, Danny DeVito, Channing Tatum, and Johnny Depp are all interested in appearing in the new series.

The teaser trailer for South African Ninja is basically a highlight reel of some of their more uncomfortable moments in Die Antwoord's history of video. Basically just a bunch of sex, drugs, blood, and violence. This isn't the first time that the duo have jumped into a Hollywood project as they both appeared in Neill Blomkamp's Chappie and soon soured on the project once they weren't given any credit for their hand-painted secret lair in the movie. The duo next set their sites on the DCEU, blasting the studio for allegedly stealing their look and aesthetic for Suicide Squad.

Die Antwoord have recently revealed that their upcoming album, The Book of Zef, will be their last album, but the group has clarified that they will not disband after the album is released this coming September. The group is currently on tour through the beginning of September, so it is not clear when they will have tome to work on the recently announced television series. No release date has been set for the series, but you can check out the trailer for South African Ninja below.