Susan Heyward has signed on to play the female lead in Powers, an adaptation of Brian Bendis' comic book series for Sony's Playstation Network. Max Fowler and Adam Godley have also joined the cast.

The comic book is set in a world where people with extraordinary abilities are commonplace, with a police division entitled Powers that handles crimes committed by these superhumans. Susan Heyward is portraying Deena Pilgrim, who is partnered with Christian Howard in the homicide division, protecting mere mortals from those who have the ability to fly through the sky on lightning bolts and clash in epic battles in the clouds above the city. Deena is described as beautiful and sarcastic who is a "wunderkind detective with an edgy style."

Max Fowler is playing Krispin Stockley, the son of Howard's former partner, who was killed by a "Power" who is still reeling from his father's death, sending him on a dark and emotional journey. Adam Godley is playing Captain Cross, who runs the Powers division, but may be harboring a dirty secret. When the pilot was originally in the works at FX, Lucy Punch was set to play Pilgrim, while Charles S. Dutton landed the Cross role.

Charlie Huston wrote the first two episodes, which are set to be directed by David Slade. Comic book creators Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming are executive producing alongside Huston, Remi Aubuchon, Michael Dinner, David Engel, David Alpert and Lawrence Mattis.

Susan Heyward most recently played Hannah on Season 2 of Fox's The Following. Max Fowler is best known for playing Twitch on The Killing Season 3, while Adam Godley portrayed Nigel Nesbitt on Suits Season 3.