A brawl has broken out in the first teaser trailer for Sons of Anarchy Season 6. The hit biker drama returns to FX this September for all-new episodes, with creator Kurt Sutter promising the most violent year yet. Watch as the men of SAMCRO pull no punches, and then read on for new insight into this upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy from Maggie Siff (Tara).

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 banner

Even though Tara was led away in handcuffs at the end of Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Maggie Siff believes the character still has some fight left in her.

"I think where Tara and Jax [Charlie Hunnam] end last season, there's just a lot of betrayal. The door that was open to her in terms of having an exit strategy is now closed. So what I'm excited about is where she goes from there, because she does not admit defeat. Her feelings of needing to protect her family are stronger than ever, and yet she is more hemmed in than ever. I think what you end up seeing in Sons of Anarchy Season 6 is somebody who is craftier and using her wiles a little bit more, and kind of playing by the rules of that world, which are shadier, more complicated, and a little bit more violent. Her goal - what she wants for herself and what she wants for kids - is completely the opposite of the values of that world, of the values of Gemma."

About Sons of Anarchy Season 6 being the most violent run of episodes yet, Maggie had this to say.

"None of us feel safe. Everybody on this show is like, Oh god! What's gonna happen? He's definitely not afraid to have terrible things happen to the people who are involved in the club. That's one of the consequences of the life, and I think he's really trying to pull the curtain back on that. I think we all feel like we're in the homestretch of this series [which Kurt Sutter anticipates lasting seven seasons]. It's gonna be drawn-out and bloody, but we're all ready for however that plays out."

Stay tuned as FX prepares to announce an official launch date for Sons of Anarchy Season 6.