Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter spilled a few intriguing details about what is happening in Charming, California in Season 6 of the FX biker drama. The new episodes will feature two new characters that haven't been cast yet. One is described as an, "an old-school shot-caller that's out of Stockton," while the other character is a female who is, "in sort of the escort world."

Season 5 star Jimmy Smits (Nero) is returning as a series regular, and Donal Logue (Lee Toric) has also been confirmed for at least seven episodes. Kurt Sutter revealed that Lee Toric, the former U.S. Marshall, will definitely be causing some problems for SAMCRO this year.

"We sort of fluctuate, where one season the adversary will be in the outlaw world and other seasons it'll be someone from the law enforcement world - and the interesting thing about Donal's character is he sort of falls in the middle. He's law enforcement, but he's ex-law enforcement. He's probably the most dangerous adversary they've ever had in terms of his access to law enforcement information, yet he doesn't necessarily have to follow all those rules."

The executive producer also spoke about the troubled relationship between Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Tara (Maggie Siff). Now that Tara is in prison for her role in Otto's murder of Lee Toric's sister, a prison nurse, their relationship is getting even more complicated.

"You saw the beginning of the shift in that relationship at the end of last season, when Tara broke that news to Jax about wanting to get out with the boys. [Tara's imprisonment] obviously has a big impact this season as far as where they are at emotionally. Can it be fixed? Does it bring them closer together? Or does it separate them more?"

While he would not name names, Kurt Sutter also revealed that there will be a new vice president and sergeant-at-arms in SAMCRO this year.

"There will be a new VP" in place, given Bobby's resignation at the close of Season 5. And there will be a new sergeant-at-arms."

FX hasn't announced when Sons of Anarchy Season 6 will debut yet.