Charlie Hunnam recently discussed whether or not he'd be willing to return as Jax Teller in a possible Sons of Anarchy spin-off or related series. The hit series put Hunnam on the map and made him a household name. When looking back at the series, the actor says, "Well, frankly, it gave me a career... And it gave me the ability to have confidence that I was going to be able to make [acting] work as a lifelong career." But, would he be willing to return as Jax Teller at some point down the line?

Sons of Anarchy had a lot of violence and death throughout its intense 7-season run and preparing to play Jax Teller took a lot out of Charlie Hunnam. When they were originally shooting the show, Hunnam found himself getting attached to his character and his storyline. In a new interview, Hunnam was asked if he has considered returning as the character for a project in the future. He had this to say.

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"I would never, ever put that cut back on. I would never put his rings back on. Not even for Halloween. It was a very deep experience. I lived with that character inside me for years, like, in a very real way. In a way that manifested in ways that I could never even [have] imagined."

There are added problems for a possible return of Jax Teller. "He's dead now," adds Charlie Hunnam. "So there would be no ever bringing him back... When he died, he died." The final episode did see the character die, and there does not look like there was any way of escaping his ride into the sunset, or more accurately, making the ultimate sacrifice to complete his part of the story of SAMCRO and fulfill his father's vision.

Charlie Hunnam is out promoting Jungleland, but he took some time to look back on Sons of Anarchy. "I think I went into Sons of Anarchy being a pretty unaccomplished actor in terms of my skill set," Hunnam says. "I wasn't one of these people that were born enormously and innately talented. I had to really cultivate a skill set." Throughout his time on the show, Hunnam felt himself getting better at bringing Jax Teller to life on the small screen.

As for where Sons of Anarchy took him, Charlie Hunnam refers to it in academic terms. "[It's] where I cultivated a lot of that skill set was going to work and shooting 10 pages a day on Sons of Anarchy for seven years," he continues. "I feel like that was my college days." He went on to say, "I went in knowing very little about the process of acting and came out knowing a little bit more." For now, Sons of Anarchy is done, and Jax Teller isn't coming back, at least not with Charlie Hunnam in the role. You can check out the rest of the interview with Hunnam over at People.