Hulu has revealed a new trailer for Solar Opposites. This is the latest creation from Justin Roiland, one of the co-creators behind Adult Swim's hit comedy Rick and Morty. Roiland teamed with Mike McMahan, who previously served as the head writer on Rick and Morty to bring this new animated creation to life. Based on what we're seeing here, this looks to be in line with what fans of their previous work have come to expect.

The new Solar Opposites trailer shows us a family of aliens who has unwittingly found themselves on Earth and are doing their best to adjust, with mixed results. The situational comedy ranges from somewhat harmless to full-blown destructive insanity. It sort of seems like 3rd Rock From the Sun by way of Invader Zim, only aimed at a more adult audience. There is not a lot of subtlety going on as things get unabashedly crude and quite violent. This offers a much more comprehensive look at what to expect when compared to the previous trailer and contains quite a few standout bits, especially toward the end.


Solar Opposites centers on a team of four aliens who have escaped their exploding homeworld, only to crash land in a home in suburban America that just so happens to be move-in ready. The group is split right down the middle when it comes to whether Earth is awesome or awful. Korvo (Justin Roiland) and Yumyulack (Sean Giambroni) can't see past the pollution, crass consumerism, and human frailty, while Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Jesse (Mary Mack) love TV, junk food, and fun stuff that humans regularly enjoy. Their mission is to protect the Pupa, a living supercomputer that will one day evolve into its true form, consume them and terraform the Earth.


The Hulu series is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Justin Roiland, Mike McMahan and Josh Bycel serve as executive producers. Roiland, Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Mary Mack (Golan the Insatiable) and Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs) lead the cast. But season 1 is set to have an impressive ensemble of guest stars. This includes Alan Tudyk, Alfred Molina, Amanda Leighton, Andrew Matarazzo, Andy Daly, Calum Worthy, Chris Cox, Christina Hendricks, Echo Kellum, Eric Bauza, Gary Anthony Williams, Gideon Adlon, Jacob Vargus, Jason Mantzoukas, Jeannie Elias, Jesse Mendel, Jon Barinholtz, Karan Brar, Kari Wahlgren, Ken Marino, Liam Cunningham. Additionally, Maurice LaMarche, Miguel Sandoval, Nat Faxon, Natalie Morales, Neil Flynn, Phil LaMarr, Rainn Wilson, Rob Schrab, Ryan Ridley, Sagan McMahan, Thomas Barbusca, Tiffany Haddish, Tom Kenny, Vargus Mason and Wendi McLendon-Covey will all lend their talents to the first season.


Rick and Morty still has a lot of gas left in the tank, as Adult Swim handed out a hefty, multi-season order in 2018. But the show's release schedule has been sporadic, with long gaps between seasons. This could help fill the void for fans who want more animated shenanigans cut from the same cloth. Solar Opposites is set to arrive on May 8 on Hulu. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.