Saturday Night Live took on the results of the 2020 presidential election by spoofing presidential-elect Joe Biden's acceptance speech and mocking Donald Trump in multiple sketches. Hours before the show, Biden had been called as the winner of the race, though Trump has alleged voter fraud and insists that he is the real winner. In any case, SNL was quick to take on the election results starting with the new episode's opening segment.

After his win is announced (and celebrated) by CNN's Wolf Blitzer (Beck Bennett), Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) takes to the podium to deliver his first speech as the new president-elect.

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"Thank you very much America, we did it!" Biden exclaims. "Can you believe it? I honestly kind of can't. It's been so long since something good happened."

He adds, "I've never felt so alive, which is ironic, because I'm not that alive."

Of course, Maya Rudolph also returned as Kamala Harris to give a speech of her own.

"I am humbled and honored to be the first female, the first Black, the first Indian American, and the first biracial vice president," Harris says. "And if any of that terrifies you, well, I don't give a funt. Also, my husband will be the first Second Gentleman, and he's Jewish, so between us, we check more boxes than a disqualified ballot."

In the skit, Alec Baldwin also takes on Trump in his "concession speech," taking aim at the president's allegations that the Biden campaign had used fraudulent votes to win. After declaring victory and vowing to keep fighting to the bitter end, Trump then takes to the piano to remind Americans of who he really is --- by belting out a rendition of "Macho Man" by the Village People.

"This isn't goodbye, America. I'm just going to say, see you in court," Trump says after the song.

Meanwhile, Ace Ventura fans were also treated to a nice throwback from Carrey's Biden at the end of the sketch. "There are situations in life, and this is one of them, where there must be a winner... and a loser," Biden says, switching into Ace Ventura mode to deliver that last word. The moment elicits loud applause from the studio audience and even causes Harris to break character.

Later on in the show, SNL took another heavy jab at Trump in a separate sketch. The skit saw guest host Dave Chappelle and Ego Nwodim portraying newscasters on a DC Morning show, and the two announce the "breaking news" that Trump has suddenly fled the White House and is speeding down the highway. Cutting to the "live footage," an old clip of O.J. Simpson fleeing police in his white Ford Bronco is shown, as Chappelle reports that Donald Trump Jr. is driving with the president crouching down in the backseat.

"This is Don Jr., I have the president in the car," the president's son tells a 911 dispatcher. "This is not about me okay, right now we're okay, but you gotta tell the police to just back off. Tell them to stand down or dad officially starts the campaign for 2024. My father has the announcement tweet ready to go, he just has to push one button."

With Biden preparing to return to the White House as the next president of the United States, chances are we'll be seeing plenty more of Carrey in the role on SNL for the foreseeable future. The clips from the new episode come to us from Saturday Night Live on YouTube.