Last night, Dave Chappelle returned to the limelight to host this week's episode of Saturday Night Live. All week, fans had wondered if the comedian had planned on resurrecting any of his beloved characters from Chappelle's Show on the late-night sketch comedy show, and fans found out quickly that he was in fact bringing some of these characters back. During his opening monologue, Dave Chappelle revealed that he originally wasn't planning on bringing back these characters, until he saw The Walking Dead season premiere, where Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed two iconic characters, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), resulting in a Walking Dead parody sketch.

The spoof video, courtesy of NBC, begins with Dave Chappelle as Negan, wielding his barbed wire bat Lucille, trying to decide which character to kill. Instead of Rick and his group of survivors, though, it's all characters from Chappelle's Show who have been lined up. This sketch features the crack-addicted Tyrone Biggums, the "player hater" Silky Johnston, alongside Donnell Rawlings as the jheri-curl player hater Beautiful and the white news anchor Chuck Taylor, all played by Dave Chappelle. The sketch also features Dave Chappelle's hilarious imitation of rapper Lil' Jon and the "black white supremacist" Clayton Bigsby.

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This sketch marks the first time these characters have returned in more than a decade, after Chappelle's Show unceremoniously ended after Dave Chappelle left the show. Production was already under way on the third season when Dave Chappelle left, with rumors swirling that he left to South Africa to undergo psychiatric treatment, but he later admitted it was more of a "spiritual retreat" to get away from everything. The show did ultimately return to Comedy Central briefly, but without Dave Chappelle.

In 2006, Comedy Central aired what became known as the Lost Episodes of Chappelle's Show, which comprised of three episodes that were already filmed before Dave Chappelle left the show. Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings were brought on to co-host the live audience portion of these episodes, which aired in July 2006, and were released on DVD shortly thereafter. The show is still widely beloved, and his now-iconic Prince sketch was revisited by many fans after the iconic singer passed away earlier this year.

As for The Walking Dead, the real series returns with its fourth episode, entitled Service, tonight at 9 PM ET. We've seen in a new clip released earlier this week that Negan has returned to Alexandria, bringing the now-captive Daryl (Norman Reedus) along with a big group of Saviors. None of Rick's group have been killed since the harrowing season premiere, but that may change tonight. While we wait for this new episode, check out the SNL sketch below featuring Dave Chappelle resurrecting several Chappelle's Show characters.