Welcome to D'Lo, Mississippi. Home of Mayor John Henry Berry and his family. They all star in the new reality comedy series Small Town Big Mayor, which premieres this Thursday on UP. We recently caught up with John Henry and his daughter for a rousing interview to help usher in this sure fire hit.

Mayor John Henry Berry is trying to preserve a way of life that is rapidly slipping away in America. His small town is dying and this hands-on mayor is doing everything possible to save it. He's developed an ambitious 95-point plan that would make Hilary Clinton envious, and even started a kickstarter campaign to  rescue it. UP TV has taken their cameras to D'Lo, Mississippi, to watch the colorful mayor in action and his effort to preserve his community in this very funny, and just as heartfelt docs-series.

The World is filled with quirky characters...But in small towns, they become 
bigger than life. Case in Point: Small Town, Big Mayor, where we meet the fun-loving and hard working Mayor John Henry Berry And his Daughter, Ashley Berry. The Berrys are at the center of UP TV's new comedic docu-series. The quaint town of D'Lo, Mississippi, is straight out of the the 1950's. Nobody locks their doors, everybody knows everybody, and life is idyllic for its 456 residents. Small Town, Big Mayor follows the energized Mayor, John Henry Berry, a fourth generation D'Lo native and perhaps the most hands-on public servant in America. We're also joined by is wife and kids, and members of the lovable community. Everyone puts their heart and soul into making D'Lo the greatest town in America.

As the mayor puts it, the town is tiny, but has a lot of heart. There's only one problem: Main Street is shut down and people are leaving to live in the big city at alarming rates. The possibility that D'Lo may cease to exist is real. That's why Mayor Berry has developed an ambitious 95-point plan to save his beloved town and, just as importantly, preserve a way of life that is dying across America.

Mayor Berry's revitalization efforts are constantly complicated by the demands of his other duties as the town arbitrator, dog catcher, landscaper, sewer repairman, volunteer fireman, high school football announcer, Parish drummer and 4H Firearms Instructor. He's also the father to four kids, Ashley, Ben, Autumn and Preston, and husband to the First Lady of D'Lo, Angie.

Each episode will tackle a different point on the mayor's plan including a push to legalize golf carts in D'Lo, going green, putting the town on Kickstarter, building a library and launching a recruitment drive to find new volunteer firemen.

Berry earns $480 a month as mayor so he also works full-time as an air conditioning service manager at Climate Masters in the nearby town of Pearl. He was elected Mayor with all but 18 votes. However, he knows that he'll only be able to stay in office if he can make his dreams of a revitalized D'Lo a reality. Catch up with John Henry and daughter Ashley as they chat about the backstory of this reality series, how it came together, the benefits of country living, lending a helping hand when needed, and surviving a zombie apocalypse like the one seen in The Walking Dead. It's a lot of fun.