The '90s reality dating show Singled Out has been resurrected courtesy of Quibi, and a new trailer gives us our first good look at the series revival. Originally hosted by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy, the Singled Out relaunch is now hosted by Keke Palmer and Joel Kim Booster. With MTV producing, the series will premiere on Quibi when the new streaming services launches on April 6, and you can watch the official trailer below.

As a part of the Quibi streaming service, the Singled Out revival will also be a much faster-paced version of the show, debuting the new series with 20 bite-sized episodes. This is because the shows featured on Quibi must have episodes lasting ten minutes or less in length, making each series very easy to digest. Each episode will feature one single dater with 30 other singles competing for the chance to date them over the course of three rounds. Of course, the single is unable to see the contestants vying to meet them, choosing who moves ahead based solely on how they answer specific questions.


As the dating landscape has also changed quite drastically compared to how things were in the '90s, the new Singled Out has been updated to reflect as much. Now, the series will "bring online dating to life with a twist," as the main dater is "linked to the pool of diverse singles through social media." In the trailer, one contestant is revealed to have been following the dater for quite some time online before now getting ready to "make his move," which can either be considered sweet or creepy depending upon your outlook. Of course, that's up to the main dater in question to decide if she wants the mystery crush to proceed in the game.


Created by Burt Wheeler and Sharon Sussman, Singled Out originally ran on MTV from 1996 to 1998. In the original incarnation, the series featured 50 singles competing to go on a date with one main contestant. The series is also notable for launching the career of famous actress Jenny McCarthy, who wound up departing the series to develop her own sitcom in 1997; she was then replaced by Carmen Electra, who has since become a very well known actress as well. In 2018, MTV brought the show back as a web-series for its YouTube channel, featuring rappers Justina Valentine and Conceited as the hosts. Clips from this version have proven to be very popular, garnering millions of views from YouTube users.


Quibi will launch on April 6 with the premiere of the new Singled Out coming along with it. The service will also have plenty of other exclusive content to offer subscribers, such as the revival of the Comedy Central series Reno 911. Plans to subscribe start at $4.99 per month, making the service a bit more affordable than many others of its type. The new Singled Out trailer shown above comes to us from Quibi on YouTube.

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