Fox answers your deepest desires to watch The Simpsons family die cruel and unusual deaths in this Sunday's latest couch gag. The opening credits of the show will show the entire Simpsons family getting killed off. Except for Bart. Surrounded by photos of his deceased family, he finally gets control of the remote.

Fox shared the opening on their Youtube channel. And it's a doozy. Even if you haven't watched the show in years, you'll get a good dark laugh out of this latest animated short. This couch gag is for the eighth Season 28 episode, which aires in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, giving it even more gravitas for those families who have to suffer another holiday with their insufferable relatives.

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In actually, one would think this was the opening for another Treehouse of Horror episode. But it's not. And that doesn't stop this teaser from getting pretty ghastly with its imagery. In the animated opening, The Simpsons family make their usual trek home. Only this time, each member of the family, including Homer, Marge, Lisa and even baby Maggie are gruesomely killed in some quite eventide ways.

Only Bart is sparred. We get to watch Homer chock on a plutonium rod while working his job at the nuclear plant. Lisa trips on her way out of music class, her saxophone cracking her skull open. Then we get to watch as Marge and Maggie's car plunges into the lake after Maggie manages to get her hands on the steering wheel. We also get to see other members of the Springfield community acting out in rage and anger.

When Bart finally makes it home, he suddenly comes to the realization that he's living the life of Jodie Foster in The Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. Will Martin Sheen show up to burn the eyes out of his hamster and throw the living rodent in the fireplace? We're no sure, but Bart doesn't seem to concerned about his current predicement. Jumping on the couch he declares, "Finally, I get the remote!"

You can check out the entire couch gag here thanks to Fox. In this Sunday's episode titled Dad Behavior, Homer discovers an app that outsources his father-son bonding. At the same time, Grampa learns he's about to become a father again. The episode airs on November 20, 2016, only on Fox.