U.K. filmmaker Lee Hardcastle is at it again with his violent mashups and this time it's characters from The Simpsons put into the bank heist from Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Krusty the Clown can be seen leading a gang of masked criminals into a bank.


Right away, things turn violent when Kirk Van Houten gets his nose shot off. Principal Skinner, Crazy Cat Lady, and Hans Moleman all get incredibly gory deaths. One of the robbers is revealed to be Moe Szyslak who gets his guts blown out.

Another one of the gang members is revealed to be Snake, which is about the only typical piece of this video, and he gets shot in the head after watching Krusty get gunned down. Snake is last seen hugging up to Moe with a single tear streaming down his cheek.


Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson are the first to respond on the scene, but the damage has already been done and one unidentified character made it out of the bank alive. One of the more obscure references in the video has the Snake character wearing the bunny mask from Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic series.

The end of the video leaves us with a mystery. We don't know who escaped with the money as they are shown sitting on The Simpsons' couch after they were all murdered. Many suggest that it's Flanders due to some left-hand use...