After waiting since November, fans of The Simpsons will finally be able to watch the show in its classic 4:3 format on Disney Plus later this month. With the first thirty seasons of The Simpsons available to stream on the new streaming service, many fans subscribed to Disney Plus just to have complete access to the animated series with the tap of a button. Unfortunately, the classic episodes were distorted to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio, always leaving some of the imagery cut off of the screen and ruining many beloved sight gags.

Naturally, fans were quick to voice their complaints over this presentation of The Simpsons, taking to social media to address their concerns to Disney and the team behind the show. It was later reported that Disney was looking to offer the original 4:3 episodes on the service at some point in the future, but no exact date was given for when the option would be made available. Now, producer Al Jean has revealed on Twitter that the classic episodes can finally be viewed on Disney Plus the way they were originally meant to be seen starting on May 28. Surely, the folks at Disney also must be pretty happy now, as the pleading for the 4:3 aspect ratio on social media can finally stop as well.


The Simpsons has been airing on Fox since 1989, fast approaching its 700th episode after recently concluding season 31. Previously, the network had already renewed the series through season 32, guaranteeing a lot more Simpsons to come yet. The show's enduring popularity has kept it a mainstay on Fox for now over three decades, but the classic episodes from the show's earlier seasons are particularly revered by fans. This fondness for the series has also kept The Simpsons among the most-watched programming offered by the Disney+ streaming service, right up there with The Mandalorian.

As the seasons and years roll on with no end in sight, The Simpsons has been breaking many television records. Every year, there is always speculation that the series will soon be ending, but Fox always ends up giving it another renewal. It seems that as long as the series remains popular with viewers and the original voice cast are interested and on board, there won't be any plans to cease production on The Simpsons in the near future. Each of these new seasons will also join every previous season on Disney+ after airing on Fox, so fans rediscovering the series will be able to check out some of the newer episodes they may not have seen.


Additionally, Jean says that the Oscar-nominated animated short inspired by the series, The Longest Daycare, will be premiering on Disney Plus on May 29. The short joins the more recent Maggie-led Simpsons short, Playdate with Destiny, which premiered on Disney Plus last month. With The Simpsons Movie already streaming on the service as well, fans of the franchise should now be very satisfied with what Disney Plus has to offer. This news comes to us from Al Jean on Twitter.