Last year, the collective internet about lost their minds when a group of guys from Arizona introduced their band to the world. That metal band was named Okilly Dokilly, inspired by The Simpsons. More specifically, the uptight neighbor of Homer Simpson; Ned Flanders. Now the boys of Okilly Dokilly are back and they have just released their very first music video.

The band uploaded the video to their YouTube channel recently for their single "White Wine Spritzer," which is a single off of their debut album Howdilly Doodilly, which is set to come out on November 11. As any fan of The Simpsons can see, they take this whole Ned Flanders gimmick very, very seriously. Without the Ned Flanders gimmick, it is hard to tell if the music would have any legs, but with it, this is pure internet gold.

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The video itself is pretty much exactly what you might think it would be. It is a handful of guys dressed as Ned Flanders playing some seriously aggressive heavy metal music with lyrics based on an episode of The Simpsons. Also, they most definitely kill a Ned Flanders who isn't part of the band and bury him in the desert. For those who aren't totally obsessed with The Simpsons, the name "White Wine Spritzer" is a reference to the episode "Viva Ned Flanders" from season 10 of the show. In it, Homer Simpsons takes Ned Flanders to Las Vegas and they accidentally marry a couple of cocktail waitresses after Flanders gets drunk on, you guessed it, White Wine Spritzers.

The guys from this metal band are totally committed to the bit. Every one of their pictures only features them dressed from head to toe in Ned Flanders gear and they refuse to give their real names. Instead, they go by Head Ned, Stead Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned and Bled Ned. Those wanting to see Okilly Dokilly in the flesh can do so next year as they will be doing a small tour of several cities around the country including New York, Nashville and Chicago. Perhaps if Howdilly Doodilly winds up selling really well they will expand those dates. If not, it might be worth the trip anyway.

For now, you can check out Okilly Dokilly's video for "White Wine Spritzer" for yourself below. If you find that you actually want to hear more of this "Nedal" music, as they call it, you can preorder Howdilly Doodilly now on Bandcamp, iTunes, or on their Leftorium Superstore (another solid Simpsons Reference). The album will also be available on Spotify, for those who prefer to stream their Simpsons inspired heavy metal music. You can also check out their Facebook page, if that is more your style.