Silicon Valley Season 5 doesn't premiere until March 25th, but HBO has just released a new trailer featuring a 2-minute look into what we can expect from the Pied Piper crew, minus T.J. Miller. This will be the first season to not include Miller as Erlich Bachman and if the trailer is any indication, they're doing just fine without him. Miller left the popular HBO show to focus on his standup comedy career and to launch into Hollywood with the Emoji Movie.

Though Erlich Bachman is gone, the Pied Piper team is making up for it with a bunch of new employees as well as dogs, which Kumail Nanjiani's Dinesh does not seem to be too happy about. Elsewhere, there's talk of pregnancy, ovaries, a shot of Jian-Yang in court, Gavin Belson acting unhinged, and the obvious digs between Dinesh and Martin Starr's Gilfoyle. Overall, it looks like fans are going to be in for another awesome season of Silicon Valley.

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The trailer isn't very revealing at all, but it does tease that Season 5 might follow the same pattern of the previous seasons where things start off bad, get good, almost get great, and then lose it all at the very end. The show has become a bit predictable in that respect, but it's the characters and the acting that gets fans tuning in for more, not necessarily the storyline. It will be interesting to see how the show addresses the absence of Erlich Bachman, if at all, after his mental breakdown at the end of Season 4, which ended with Bachman meeting up with Belson at a Monastery in Tibet.

Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge recently spoke about what we can expect in Season 5, though he didn't offer up a whole lot. Judge even talked about the science behind the show being researched and says that it's pretty "solid." He and the writers take the conversations with real tech people and try to put the real language into the show. He had this to say.

"The science is pretty solid. We try to vet it through a lot of different people. A lot of times there's an explanation that may take more explaining than we care to do in dialogue with the characters... But given that the compression algorithm is fictitious but supposedly somebody could [create this] - everything else is solid. And there are people working on this decentralized version of the internet, so that is something that is happening."

Silicon Valley Season 5 returns to HBO on March 25th, which leaves plenty of time to go back and watch the previous four seasons to get all caught up. Richard (Thomas Middleditch) starts the trailer in the hospital after being unconscious for 6 hours, but it isn't clear if the season will start out that way. Richard always seems to end up in the hospital at least once per season. You can check out the brand-new look at Season 5 of Silicon Valley below, courtesy of HBO's YouTube channel.