Ten new photos have arrived from the return of Sherlock, which debuts Season 3 on BBC in the UK starting January 1, and then makes its stateside premiere on PBS starting January 19. It's no spoiler that Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) is alive and living in seclusion since his apparent death plunge. A lot has changed over the past two years since Season 2 ended on this down note. Sherlock's old police acquaintances continue to debate his present whereabouts, and Watson (Martin Freeman) has seemingly abandoned his lifelong vow of servitude to his apparently passed away best friend. Take a look at these new images and then read on for more details.

Sherlock Season 3 Photo 1
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 2
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 3
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 4
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 5
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 6
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 7
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 8
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 9
Sherlock Season 3 Photo 10

When a mysterious terrorist attack threatens London, Sherlock comes out of hiding to reconcile with a still grieving Watson. The pair must face their biggest challenge to date, all amidst Watson's impending wedding ceremony. Included in this special sneak peek at the returning series, we not only get a good look at our leading men, but new cast members Amanda Abbington as Watson's fiance, Alice Lowe in an unrevealed role, and Lars Mikkelsen as diabolical Charles Augustus Magnussen, a man Sherlock truly despises.

Sherlock returns for three 90 minute episodes in 2014, kicking off with The Empty Hearse on BBC January 1, followed by The Sign of Three on January 5, and finally His Last Vow on January 12, which will end this run, and possibly the series. That will be followed by the stateside premiere, which kicks off on PBS January 19.