Get ready for some more of The Big Bang Theory. Sort of. It turns out that CBS is looking at doing a spinoff of the show and it will center on Jim Parsons' genius character of Sheldon. The show will simply and appropriately be called Sheldon and is getting a pilot order from the network.

The news comes courtesy of Deadline, with the report stating that Sheldon will center on a much younger, 12-year-old version of Jim Parsons' character from The Big Bang Theory. The show will reportedly be similar to Malcolm In the Middle and will be a single-camera family comedy. The project hasn't been written yet, but CBS seems to have very high hopes for the show at this point.


The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy on television and it seems like CBS wants to capitalize further on the show's good name. The Big Bang Theory isn't ending yet, but the 10th season is currently airing and the show can't go on forever, so Sheldon seems like a logical way for CBS to go at this point. According to the report, even though the pilot hasn't been written yet, Sheldon is a "shoo-in" for a full order next season. With The Big Bang Theory averaging more than 18 million viewers a week, it completely makes sense that CBS thinks Sheldon could work.

The Big Bang Theory has set up quite a bit about Sheldon's childhood within the series. On the show, there have been nods to his childhood in Galveston, Texas, which involved his older brother named George Jr. (a characer never seen on the original show) He also has a twin sister named Missy, played by Courtney Henggeler in Season 1, as well as his mother, Mary, who is a very hardcore Christian and has been played frequently on The Big Bang Theory by Laurie Metcalf. There have been references to his father George Sr., who was an alcoholic that wasn't really around. Sheldon's grandparents, "Meemaw" and "Pop-Pop" have been talked about as well, but Pop-pop died when Sheldon was only 5. Meemaw made her debut on the original show in Season 9 played by June Squibb. So there is a lot to mine just from what we have heard in The Big Bang Theory for the Sheldon spinoff.


The idea of a The Big Bang Theory spinoff happening at some point seemed almost like an inevitability and if it had to happen, centering it on Sheldon seems like a good way to go. Even though it doesn't sound like Jim Parsons will be in the show, since it will be taking place when he is a kid. Maybe he could do some How I Met Your Mother style voiceover in each episode. Jim Parsons has won four Emmys for his work as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory and has been nominated for seven. That makes Sheldon the perfect subject for a Big Bang Theory spinoff. Does anyone really want to see a married life Penny and Leonard sitcom, or a spin-off revolving around the Wolowitz baby?