Fans of the new iteration of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are still making noise in hope that they will lead to the Netflix hit reboot getting a much called for movie. Social media has been buzzing with fans hashtagging their hearts out, demanding another outing for Adora and the gang. There is a chance that this will never happen, but it looks like, just like fans of everything these days, She-Ra's supporters fully expect fan power will make all their wishes come true.

Twitter users started posting fan art on the social media site in order to gain attention, and it has to be acknowledged that much of what was posted was very well put together. The source of their belief that a film based on the series could be possible is thanks to the adamant hope of Noelle Stevenson that such a project may be alive if there is enough demand from potential viewers. With Netflix not especially known for prolonging series beyond two or three seasons, there have been few animations to get as much praise and attention or as many episodes as She-Ra and the Princesses of Power managed prior to its ending in 2020 - even if that did not necessarily include fans of the original 80s series.

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As with many reboots of classic 80s properties, She-Ra's arrival was met with a good response from new audiences, but there was something about the change in animation style, the complete redevelopment of the lead character and change from the single powerful heroine to a more group effort being brought into play that just didn't gel with those who had fond memories of the original He-Man spin-off. However, over its relatively long run, the new She-Ra managed to win many new followers, until the inevitable ending of the show. When spoke to Stevenson about the finale of the series, they talked about that and how there was a lot going on in the climax of the series.

"For me when it came to what I wanted from this show, yes. It's more complicated because, of course, this was not a pitch that I could come into the initial development of this show with, because it's out there. It's a risk, And this is a legacy character who has been around for 35 years, a lot of people have a strong connection to her, and it makes people scared to give her a plot like this. But it was what I wanted for the show."

They continued, "So it was a little bit more trying to lay the groundwork and build this relationship up in a way that the characters are growing separately in a way that their arcs can come back together and complement each other. But also trying to make sure that, if we couldn't be textual about this, if we couldn't make it really clear that their relationship was romantic, or have that big moment between them where it's really clear what's going on, are people going to feel cheated? Are they going to feel really disappointed? Are they going to feel betrayed?"

"And not over-promising something that we weren't sure if we'd be able to do. But it was always something that I was really passionate about. And if you go back and watch, especially the episodes that I wrote, that's the through-line. The through-line is always about these two characters and the ways that their relationship breaks and comes back together," they went on. "And as far as I'm concerned, that's what kind of defines the arc of the entire show. And so getting to actually make this relationship canonical, having this romantic moment be the climax of the show. It's, I think, what the show has been about this whole time."

While it certainly sounds like there is still enough mileage in the story to have one more piece added to it, whether fans can prove there is enough demand out there for a last foray with the Princesses of Power is another matter. With Kevin Smith's Masters of The Universe being released last week, it could actually be just the help She-Ra needs to raise her sword one more time for the honor of Grayskull.