Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans hoping to see Stephanie Beatriz taking on the role of the titular superheroine in Marvel's She-Hulk series are in for some disappointment, as the actress says scheduling conflicts would prevent her from accepting the part. Since the series was confirmed last year by Marvel head Kevin Feige, comic readers have been speculating who might be playing the small screen version of the character. Several names have come up, but Beatriz is easily among the most popular as she certainly has the right attitude and look.

Retweeting some fan art of how she might look as She-Hulk, Stephanie Beatriz jokingly asks how she can actually make her arms look like the character's, asking, "Can someone give me a plan or something?" She then adds, "I think this show starts shooting in August and I'm unavailable because we're shooting season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine at that same time." While it doesn't appear there have been any official discussions between Stephanie Beatriz and Marvel about possibly bringing her into the series, her booked schedule suggests she wouldn't be an option anyway, all but taking her name out of the hat.


Beatriz may be just as disappointed as her fans about missing out on potentially starring in She-Hulk. When word made its way to Beatriz that people were rooting for her to land the part on social media, she seemed very excited about the possibility, saying she would "die to play" the character. That makes it clear she'd be on board if the timing were to work out a bit better for her, but her commitment to playing rough-around-the-edges cop Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going to keep her out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for now. As she's a tough as nails actress, there's still a good chance we might see her in another comic book movie or TV series adaptation some day.


As for who will end up starring in She-Hulk, that remains to be seen. Aside from Beatriz, another popular possibility that's come up is The Mandalorian star Gina Carano, and like Beatriz, she has been depicted in the role in artwork from fans as well. WWE Superstar and Mortal Kombat voice actress Ronda Rousey has also been suggested by some fans, as has Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christy. Still, while it's been reported that the series will begin shooting in Atlanta this summer, no official casting announcements have yet been made by Marvel and Disney, leaving it up to fans to continue guessing.


She-Hulk will stream exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service, but no official release date has yet been revealed. If the project indeed ends up shooting this summer, we'll hopefully find out sometime soon who our live-action version of Jennifer Walters will be. In the meantime, She-Hulk fans will likely continue to think about who they'd like to see starring on the show, and with Beatriz out of the running, it's anyone's guess who will get the part. This news comes to us from Stephanie Beatriz on Twitter.