Disney and Marvel's upcoming She-Hulk TV series has found its head writer. As revealed earlier this year at the D23 Expo, a new TV series based on the popular comic book character is currently in development for Disney's streaming service Disney+. No information had been revealed about the project's cast or crew, but a new report confirms Emmy-winning writer Jessica Gao has been hired as the head writer for She-Hulk, and, at least creatively, this means that the upcoming TV series is in good hands.

Gao comes with plenty of television writing experience, having worked on episodes of shows like Silicon Valley, Robot Chicken, Star Wars: Detours, and The Mighty B!. She is certainly best known for her work on the animated Adult Swim series Rick and Morty, penning what's perhaps the most popular episode of the show, "Pickle Rick." For writing the episode, Gao won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2018. Though she has since departed the series, Gao is looking forward to the future by noting her excitement for She-Hulk online. "I've been chasing She-Hulk for SO long. This is the definition of a dream come true," Gao writes on Twitter.

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The cousin of Bruce "The Incredible Hulk" Banner, She-Hulk is also known by her civilian name of Jennifer Walters. She gained her superhuman abilities when her cousin supplied his blood for an emergency transfusion to save her life. Similar to Bruce, Jennifer has green-hued skin and is physically very powerful, but unlike her cousin, she is able to maintain her intelligence and emotional control when she Hulks out. In addition to fighting crime as a superheroine, Jennifer has also kept her job as a skilled attorney, often representing her superpowered allies in court in various Marvel comics. Plot details for the She-Hulk series aren't clear, but it seems probable the show will maintain many of these same elements.

One of the biggest questions we still have at this point is who will be playing the titular green heroine in the upcoming Marvel's She-Hulk Disney+ series. Until a name has been officially signed on, fans will offer their own dream casting choices as they speculate over who will be playing the live-action version of Jennifer Walters. One of the most popular choices to come up so far is Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz, and some convincing fan art of her in the role has even been created. For her part, Beatriz would later claim she would "die to play that role," feeling very flattered by the fan support behind the potential casting.

She-Hulk will be in some good company on Disney+, as it will be a part of many television shows developed by Marvel Studios for the streaming service. Some of the other titles we can anticipate are WandaVision, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and a Hawkeye TV series. In any case, we'll likely find out more information about the She-Hulk series soon as pre-production continues. There's also no word yet on when we can expect to see the series premiere on Disney+, but with the head writer now in place for She-Hulk, hopefully we won't have to wait for a terribly long time. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.