Alison Brie has broken her silence about the She-Hulk casting rumors. It was rumored earlier this week that Marvel Studios is searching for an "Alison Brie-type" to play Jennifer Walters in the highly anticipated Disney+ series. This has led a lot of people to automatically assume that Brie is taking on the role, which could actually be the case, though she played coy when answering a question about it. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige officially announced the series last summer and production is expected to begin this coming July.

James Corden asked Alison Brie what it was like to be trending on social media because of the She-Hulk casting rumors looking for an Alison Brie type. At first, the actress seemed taken aback by the question, like she was caught off guard. However, Brie knew exactly what Corden was getting at. She had this to say when asked about the rumors.

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"I don't really go on Twitter anymore. So I didn't really realize it was such a trending thing, but I woke up to a lot of Instagram posts of side-by-side pictures of me and She-Hulk, which I just thought, 'cool.' And then that quote about an 'Alison Brie-type,' which honestly, I found very exciting because for years I've auditioned for the 'Anne Hathaway-type' or the 'Zooey Deschanel-type.' I was like very flattered to be my own type for somebody else."

Alison Brie gave a very diplomatic answer to the She-Hulk casting rumor question. However, James Corden decided to press further. "But did you go, 'Hang on a minute, I'd like to play the She-Hulk'?" Corden asked. "I made some phone calls and we'll talk about it later," Brie replied coyly. She then revealed that she really hadn't made any phone calls, but did state that she finds the whole thing "interesting." Corden seems convinced that the Glow star is taking on the role.

She-Hulk casting rumors have been swirling ever since Kevin Feige officially announced that the Disney+ show was a reality. That's not where it ends for the character though. Feige went on to add that She-Hulk, along with other Disney+ characters, will show up on the big screen too. The Mandalorian's Gina Carano has been rumored to be in the running, along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz. Stephanie Beatriz shot the rumors down, stating she'd be too busy with her current sitcom to take on the Marvel role, though she was flattered that fans want to see her do it.

As for Alison Brie, a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans want to see her play She-Hulk. The commentary on social media has pretty much called Marvel Studios out for not choosing Brie, though none of this has been officially confirmed by anyone at this point in time. For now, we'll just have to wait and see, but production is gearing up to start very soon, which means an actress will have to be announced in the coming months. You can check out the interview with Brie below, thanks to The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube channel.