Don't worry Shameless fans, because Emmy Rossum is coming back to the show. Over the past week, there has been quite a bit of discussion about Shameless season 8, given that the actress had been holding out on returning because of a pay dispute. However, it looks like things have been worked out and everyone is happy, so Shameless season 8 is a go.

The news came from Emmy Rossum via her own Twitter account. While she didn't comment on the pay dispute specifically, she did say that Shameless is going to continue, so clearly the issue has been resolved. Here is what she had to say about it.

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"Playing Fiona Gallagher has been one of the great privileges of my life. I'm so happy to continue w my SHAMELESS family! Back to work in May!"

Emmy Rossum has been a co-lead on the successful Showtime series ever since it debuted in 2011. According to a report from Variety earlier this week, she was offered equal pay to William H. Macy months ago, but had been holding out for more because she wanted to make up for the years that she was paid less. The report also noted that the creative team behind the show had no plans to move ahead with Shameless season 8 if Emmy Rossum wasn't on board. But there was a strong desire from Showtime to continue on with the show and it appears that desire to continue on from both sides prevailed.

Apparently, she is happy with what happened as well, since her tweet seemed pretty enthusiastic. It isn't at all clear if Emmy Rossum decided to take the offer that has been on the table for a while or if she did actually get the pay she was holding out for, or if it was something in the middle. Whatever she got paid, there won't be any backlash from William H. Macy, because he has done nothing but voice support for her. Here is what he said in a recent comment to TMZ.

"She works as hard as I do. She deserves everything. They wrote the Equal Rights Amendment in 1927, it didn't get passed by both houses of Congress until 1972. It still hasn't been approved by all the states. It's about fucking time, don't you think?"

The gender pay gap has been a huge topic of discussion recently and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and now Emmy Rossum have been taking stands to achieve equality. In this instance, it worked. Showtime and Warner Bros. TV, the studio behind the show, have still yet to publically comment on the matter, but they will probably have to address the issue at some point. There is no word on when Shameless Season 8 will debut, but according to Emmy Rossum's tweet, they will be starting production in May.