Halloween isn't ar off and if you're going to participate in the festivities this year, it's about time to start planning your costume. As per usual, there is a very interesting assortment of "sexy" Halloween costumes to choose from, because apparently, anything can be sexy on this particular holiday. If you're a lady who wants to show off her love for Game of Thrones, but also want to show your love for Jon Snow, you're in luck! Someone has made a sexy Jon Snow Halloween costume and you can pre-order it right now.

The costume comes from online retailer Yandy. The costume isn't explicitly billed as a Game of Thrones costume, likely so they can avoid paying licensing fees to HBO, but it is very clearly meant to be a genderbent sexy Jon Snow. The costume is called the "Sexy Northern Queen" and, if you're willing to shell out the money for it, this could be the sexy costume you've been looking for. It is very timely, after all. Here's how Yandy describes the costume.


'You'll be prepared for winter in this exclusive Sexy Northern Queen costume featuring a black romper with a high neckline, gold stud accents, a cut-out bodice panel, draping panels with studded accents, an adjustable waist belt with a bronze buckle, a cheeky cut back, and a long black cloak with a faux fur trim and a criss-cross tie closure. (Pantyhose not included.)"

Why can't the King in the North be the Queen of the North on Halloween this year? Game of Thrones is far and away the most popular show on TV right now and Jon Snow is one of the most popular characters, if not the single most popular character, on it. So it makes total sense that this costume exists. If someone can make a sexy bottle of Sriracha costume or a sexy Donkey from Shrek costume, surely having a sexy lady version of Jon Snow isn't at all a stretch. There are probably plenty of Game of Thrones costumes out there for Halloween, but considering the obsession that the internet has with Jon Snow and his good looks, this one is probably going to be quite popular.


Now, what will this Sexy Northern Queen costume set you back? Yandy has the outfit listed for $149.99. That may seem like a lot, but looking good on Halloween isn't cheap these days. The costume is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship "on or before" September 20. Oh, and the description does note that the pantyhose aren't included, so you'll have to factor that in as well. Hey, it's probably still a lot cheaper than trying to do a screen-accurate White Walker costume. Be sure to check out the sexy Jon Snow Game of Thrones Halloween costume for yourself below.