Seth MacFarlane has donated one million dollars to the Crocodile Hunter Family Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and the money will be directly used to build a new Koala Intensive Care Ward to bring aid to more injured koalas in need of care. After the devastating bushfires in Australia reportedly killed upwards of a billion animals of all types and injured countless more, celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Pink, and Elton John have been donating time and money to assist with the relief efforts. Now, with MacFarlane's donation, another million dollars will go directly towards helping many displaced and injured koalas.

On Kangaroo Island alone, tens of thousands of koalas are feared dead or homeless. Because of their slow moving nature and the destruction of their food source, koalas are among the animals who've been affected the most by the Australian bushfires. Thanks to MacFarlane's donation to the Irwin Family, many more of them will be able to receive proper care from professionals as well, and the zoo hospital expansion has even been named in part after the Family Guy creator to thank him for the contribution.

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"A huge thanks to Seth MacFarlane for donating a million dollars to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to help with the influx of patients affected by drought and bushfire!" the zoo's Wildlife Warriors account posted on Twitter, along with a photograph of the new ward's exterior design. The statement goes on to add: "We're so pleased to announce that we will be naming our new Koala Intensive Care Ward in recognition of Seth's generosity. Plans for the Perry MacFarlane Intensive Care Ward are well underway and we'll soon begin construction on this crucial expansion to the hospital."

Bindi Irwin, Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin's daughter, has also thanked MacFarlane for the donation with a post on Twitter of her own. "On behalf of all wildlife, thank you so much for your support Seth MacFarlane. You are an extraordinary Wildlife Warrior," Irwin says in the post. The term Wildlife Warrior comes from the Irwin family's conservationist organization, which was originally established by Steve and his wife, Terri, in 2002. Following Steve's untimely passing in 2006, Bindi became the new public face of the organization at the age of nine.

Since the establishment of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, over 90,000 injured animals have been treated in the building. The bushfires obviously brought in a massive increase of affected animals needing care, and the Irwins and the other staff at the Australia Zoo and in other Australian facilities have been doing their best to save as many as they can. With limited space and resources, these kinds of charitable donations are crucial as they can literally make the difference between life or death for these koalas and other suffering animals.

There's been no shortage of terrible news in the press lately, and stories like this can feel like a ray of sunshine poking through the darkness. Credit goes to MacFarlane and everyone else who's contributed anything at all to the relief efforts of the horrible Australian bushfires. You can take a look at the tweets from Wildlife Warriors and Bindi Irwin below. This news comes to us from Wildlife Warriors on Twitter.