Two of the most popular children's entertainment brands in television history have finally crossed over, as The Wiggles and Sesame Street have collaborated for an all-new music video. Featuring all four members of The Wiggles, the video also includes Sesame Street Muppets Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster. Together, they all sing a new rendition of the classic Wiggles song "Do the Propeller!" The song is now available on audio platforms like Spotify and iTunes, and the music video is streaming on the official YouTube accounts for both brands. You can watch the surreal video for yourself below.

For The Wiggles, teaming up with the characters from Sesame Street has been a dream come true. The feeling was mutual, as each brand shares an appreciation for the longevity and success of the other. Sesame Street recently kicked off its 50th season while The Wiggles will hit the 30 year milestone in 2021, with each bringing high-quality educational content to children over the course for multiple generations. As The Wiggles are also in the midst of their biggest United States tour in many years, great timing also lent itself to the children's entertainment crossover finally happening.

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Hailing from Australia, The Wiggles first began performing together all the way back in 1991. Anthony Field has been with the group since the very beginning, and since 2013, he's been joined by Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins as his fellow Wiggles. Beginning with creating children's music albums, the group created music videos as well as performed live concerts for kids in Australia. Their popularity very quickly snowballed, and the brand debuted its first feature-length film The Wiggles Movies by 1998. The Wiggles later made it to television by producing content for networks such as the Disney Channel and ABC, and to this day, the group enjoys successful worldwide stage shows and high sales of CDs and DVDs.

Perhaps this meeting was only a matter of time, as Sesame Street has basically had countless collaborations with a wide variety of celebrities over the years. Some very well-known musicians have done their own duets with Sesame Street Muppets, including Johnny Cash, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Lena Horne. Other beloved celebrities from the past have also had memorable guest spots on the PBS series, such as Robin Williams, Maya Angelou, and Richard Pryor. Sesame Street has even featured parodies of more mature programs like Breaking Bad and Twin Peaks, showing there's almost nothing they aren't willing to cross over with.

Without a doubt, it doesn't get much more wholesome than seeing The Wiggles and Sesame Street, the later of which will bring its 50-year library to HBO Max, performing the same song. For the little ones out there who are growing up loving both brands, the video should be particularly enjoyable. It's also pretty fun to see for the young adults who fondly remember them both from childhood. The crossover music video shown above can be found on the YouTube channels for both Sesame Street and The Wiggles.