After a year of impatiently waiting, Stranger Things season 2 has finally arrived on Netflix. Many fans are planning to binge the entire new season (if they haven't already) as part of their Halloween weekend. And now that the new season of the hit sci-fi series has arrived, it's time for the parodies to begin. Surprisingly, one of the first to come along is the Sesame Street parody of Stranger Things season 2, officially titled Sharing Things.

The full parody hasn't yet been released, but a preview of the upcoming special has been released online. Sesame Street is, and always has been, a kid's show. Not to say that kids don't watch Stranger Things, but they're definitely targeting different audiences. So this Sesame Street parody is a bit odd in that sense, though they did a pretty wicked Game of Thrones spoof not that long ago. However, the preview video alone makes it look like this is really going to work and could be enjoyable for kids and adult viewers alike. After all, you're going to need something else to watch after you finish your Stranger Things 2 binge this weekend. Those 9 episodes are going to breeze right by.

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Sesame Street does seem to have put the right pieces in place for Sharing Things, which is going to arrive on Thanksgiving. The clip features Oscar the Grouch, who claims that he has all of the "trashy" spoilers for Stranger Things season 2, which is pretty on the nose. The video then introduces the Sesame Street version of the main characters from the Netflix series. Fan favorites Ernie and Grover are portraying Dustin and Lucas, with a couple of other unidentified muppets taking on the roles of Will and Mike. Even if you're not totally on board, Grover as Lucas is pretty great.

This video pulls pretty much everything from footage of Stranger Things season 2 that was released in promos prior to Netflix dropping the second season. So you don't have to worry about Sesame Street, of all things, spoiling any of the show for you. What's perhaps most surprising, considering that Sesame Street, as previously stated, is a kid's show, is that they included their own version of the absolutely terrifying Shadow Monster. Let's just hope this parody doesn't include a version of Barb. We wouldn't want to scar any unsuspecting kids or anything like that.

If nothing else, this video proves just how much of a pop culture phenomenon that Stranger Things has become. The fact that Sesame Street is getting in on the action is pretty telling. There's no specific date revealed for the full release of Sharing Things, but it does say "Thanksgiving" in the video, so if it's not on the actual holiday, it should be coming right around that time. Be sure to check out the Sesame Street parody of Stranger Things season 2, courtesy of the Sesame Street Twitter, for yourself below.