Sesame Street has stepped up their parody game once again with Sharing Things, a Stranger Things spoof that may even be better than the hit Netflix show. The full version of the video is now available online for the first time and it has to do with the moral lesson of sharing, much like the last parody video of The Walking Dead, entitled The Walking Gingerbread, which had to do with self-control. Like the past parody videos, this one is hilarious and amazingly spot-on and really well made.

The Stranger Things parody follows Cookie Monster as the Cookiegorgon, an otherworldly creature from the Snackside Down who wants to go into the real world and eat more snacks. Sesame Street has created many relatable  characters over its many, many years on the air, but the Cookiegorgon may be the most relatable, especially after the Thanksgiving holiday. Along the way, the Cookiegorgon meets a ton of familiar faces as well as a few Stranger Things original characters, including Barb, who is alive and well in the Snackside Down, waiting for her rescuers to come and get her. The Cookiegorgon is keeping her company and even shares a waffle with her.

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As previously mentioned, Cookie Monster stars as the Demigorgon in the parody while Ernie plays Dustin (complete with Dart, who morphs throughout the 6-minute parody), and Grover is Lucas. Not only does the short feature a Sesame Street version of Mike and Will, but there's a very calm Joyce Byers puppet. However, the best cameos definitely go to Jim Hopper and Eleven. Hopper appears as a disgruntled bunny rabbit, and Eleven, in true Sesame Street form, appears as a number eleven wearing a wig.

The moral of the story is sharing with the rest of the crew trying to teach the Cookiegorgon about how to share. Will even shows Cookie Monster some drawings on the wall of him sharing a cookie with Ernie back in the day. Sesame Street really did a wonderful job of nailing the essence of the show while even throwing in some jokes for parents who might be watching the show with their kids. Cookie Monster even throws in a reference to rap group 2 Live Crew by declaring, "me so hungry" at the beginning of the sketch. The video is completely awesome for introducing us to the Cookiegorgon and doesn't even really need anything else.

Sesame Street has done it once again, turning a show that is in no way, shape, or form appropriate for children into something that the whole family can enjoy while teaching an important lesson. The preview for the parody showed up when Stranger Things Season 2 dropped on Netflix, but this is the first time that we've been able to see it in all of its 6-minute glory. You can check out Sesame Street doing an incredible Stranger Things parody below, courtesy of Sesame Street's YouTube channel.