The holidays are finally over, and TV fans are hungry for new episodes of their favorite shows. The ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars is back with the second half of its Season 3, starting with "She's Better Now" on Tuesday, January 8 at 8 PM ET. Series creator I. Marlene King recently held a conference call to reveal new details about the cult drama.

The executive producer first spoke about the impact social media has had on the show.

"I think the fact that the Pretty Little Liars started tweeting and social media'ing about the show when we were even at pilot phase sort of started this real grass roots, I would say, almost family, this social media family where from pilot stage our fans felt like they were a part of this Pretty Little Liars family."

She also spoke about the relationship between Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Paige (Lindsey Shaw).

"I think they have some great sort of very grounded drama just sort of what it's like to be a couple and learning to trust and really sort of because their relationship in some part based on original missteps. They just have sort of real drama and issues to overcome that are just natural to sort of any kind of new relationship like that."

The executive producer also teased that this week's episode, "She's Better Now", will feature more of Mona (Janel Parrish) and Jason (Parker Bagley)'s intriguing relationship.

"Mona and Jason I think... well, the fun of this premier, which is entitled "She's Better Now" and we will see Mona outside of Radley. She will need some guardianship back in sort of the Rosewood world, and we might find that Jason takes her under his wing a little bit."

The show has featured a number of surprising deaths throughout three seasons. I. Marlene King revealed which character was the hardest for her to kill off.

"Maya (Bianca Lawson) was. It was just tragic for us, and so I think that was definitely a very difficult decision to make and really hard to film those scenes too. When the character of Emily realizes that Maya is dead that was just such a powerful evening on set for Shay Mitchell and for Lesli Linka Glatter who was directing that episode (who did the pilot) and for myself. We were all just in tears that day so that was tough."

She also spoke about how most of the mystery in this series is planned ahead of time, although sometimes surprises will pop up.

"A great deal of the mystery is planned beforehand. We found that if we don't know sort of what the end of the mystery story is we don't do as good a job with the beginning and the middle part. We really try to know where we're going in addition to like the big overall mystery of the show, who are they and who killed Allison, which are the two mysteries. When we have these little sort of mini arcs of mysteries we always know the beginning and the middle and the end before we start. But every once and a while a character will surprise us by bringing something special to that storyline, and we may stretch it out or weave a little bit. Yeah and I think it's mostly well thought out but every once in a while we have a fantastic surprise of an actor bringing something special to the story, and we'll integrate that in to the plan."

She also said that the mysterious Toby (Keegan Allen) will definitely play into the second half of this season

"We left you with a big reveal there when we found out that Toby was the guy in the black hoodie talking to Mona. We will definitely pick up that story where we left it in the last finale, and I think our fans are really going to have fun with it."

While there is a lesbian relationship in the show with Emily and Paige, I. Marlene King also teased that they may reveal an established male character is in fact a homosexual.

"Where are the gay guys in Rosewood? It's a good question. We actually have been talking about revealing that a character we've already established on the show might be questioning his sexuality so it's possible that you'll be seeing that."

Pretty Little Liars returns with the second half of Season 3, starting with "She's Better Now" on Tuesday, January 8 at 8 PM ET.