An amazing LEGO set inspired by the sitcom Seinfeld is weeks away from its official release. Featuring a faithful recreation of the actual Seinfeld set, complete with studio lights hanging above the apartment, the LEGO set also includes a mini-stage with the brick background for Jerry to perform his stand-up comedy. It also comes with all kinds of miniature props and accessories for fans to recreate certain scenes from the actual TV series. LEGO has even released a video teaser for the set.

Five minifigures are included with the LEGO set for fans to recreate scenarios from the sitcom. Of course, four of those include the series leads: Jerry Seinfeld's Jerry, Jason Alexander's George Costanza, Michael Richards' Cosmo Kramer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Elaine Benes. Rounding out the included characters is Wayne Knight's Newman, so you can even set him up at the door to imagine Jerry inside greeting him with the popular phrase, "Hello, Newman."

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Per LEGO, the product description reads: "Seinfeld was 'the show about nothing' that made everyone laugh, and now you can celebrate the legendary TV sitcom with this collectible LEGO Ideas Seinfeld display model of Jerry's apartment. It's packed with authentic details to delight fans, such as the kitchen/living room where Jerry and friends would hang out and the hallway from where neighbor Kramer would burst in. Accessory elements include a blue statue, muffin top, painting of Uncle Leo, Prognosis Negative videotape, Commando 8 air conditioner and Festivus pole."

The model measures over 5.5 in. high, 13 in. wide, and 7 in. deep. It comes with 1,326 pieces overall, along with an illustrated booklet about Seinfeld, the set's fan creator, and LEGO designers. The set is also part of a collection of ideas lined up for the company's LEGO Ideas line, with each product created by a fan designer, voted for by thousands of LEGO fans. This one was designed by Brent Waller of Brisbane, Australia, who spoke about the set's creation in a statement.

"I loved Seinfeld in the '90s and recently re-watched them all," Waller said. "I thought it was a travesty that a LEGO Seinfeld set didn't exist so I made an effort to resolve that and make the best rendition of Jerry's Apartment and the gang that I could. The biggest challenge was trying to cram as much detail from the show into the kitchen, all the cupboards, items in the cupboard and on the bench-tops. But I am very proud of how it turned out."

VIP Early Access for the Seinfeld LEGO set starts on July 21. It will then go on sale nationwide on and at LEGO stores on Aug. 1. Surely no coincidence, this news also comes on the anniversary of the show's debut in the summer of 1989. The product was first pitched by Waller just ahead of the show's 30th anniversary, and it was officially ordered into production last year.

Seinfeld recently parted ways with Hulu as its streaming home, but the series will be heading to Netflix in September where it will stream in 4K for the first time. As for the LEGO set, you can see more photos and find out more information by visiting

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