Friday night was a doozy for Seeking Sister Wife stars Bernie and Paige McGee as they were arrested in Mississippi on felony stalking charges. They were released from custody, but at this time we don't know if they had to bail out, or if they were arraigned, if there will be future court dates, nothing. The only info we have about the arrest is that they were taken into custody and transported to the local police station. So we don't know if they will even be formally charged yet.

We also don't know how it will affect their popular reality series on the TLC channel. TLC was reached out to for a comment on the situation. They elected not to respond to the inquiries as of this writing.


One has to wonder if it's related to a facebook post that Paige McGee's brother put up online for everyone to see last month where she savaged a fan and their child who has Downs Syndrome. As Paige's brother Patrick put it she was "attacking a fan who has a child with Down Syndrome."

Paige pulled no punches in the brutal message: "You are trash. How dare you post pictures of my grandkids." Paige was just getting started. You can read the rest here.

There has been a feud going between Paige and her brother Patrick since Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife debuted. Patrick supposedly posted a video of Bernie, Paige's husband taunting Patrick. Some have said that video may have led to the couple's arrest, a fact that has yet to be confirmed.


The TLC audience first met the McGee family on January 20th when the reality series started documenting their search for a sister wife. The start of the show happened just after a fire burned down their house in Mississippi. Bernie's seeking of a sister wife, or wife #2, ended the first time because of Paige's jealousy.

"When we were courting our first potential sister wife, I did have some jealousy issues. She was a good friend of both of ours, but even though she was my friend, it was hard to know that she and Bernie were texting and talking to each other privately."

Paige's jealousy has not stopped Bernie's desire to add another wife to his Mississippi clan. He peruses internet dating sites often, but due to Bernie's lack of discretion in the past Paige can't help but wonder if Bernie is cheating on her while trying to hit up a possible new partner for the pair.


"Can I trust you to say 'no' and draw a line," Paige asked Bernie in a previous episode. "For me to woo another woman, I'm going to have to try to woo her," he responded. Most of us have our hands full just dealing with our monogamous partnership. This is why a show like Seeking Sister Wife may have such a big draw to the TLC audience. The show airs Sunday nights at 10pm on TLC. This news first appeared at Newsweek.