See drops a bombshell twist at the end of episode five that brings the overall story into clearer focus. "Plastic" has Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), Haniwa (Nesta Cooper), and Kofun (Archie Madekwe) searching for their stolen weapons and Maghra's (Hera Hilmer) mysterious pouch. Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) learns life is rough without her followers. Another character springs from the loins of Jerlamarel (Joshua Henry). Paris (Alfre Woodard) notices a dark change in Maghra.

"Plastic" opens with "Perfect Day" playing on Queen Kane's record player. The record warps as the dam begins to crumble. Queen Kane and her handmaiden, Nyrie (Lauren Glazier), walk past the busts of previous leaders. She stops to cradle the face of her father, before telling him that his legacy has ended. Lord Unoa (Hiro Kanagawa) prays to the gods for mercy as water crashes down. Queen Kane, Nyrie, and her dog reach their carriage. They escape as the dam walls crumble and wash away the Payan city.

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Paris joins Maghra at the riverbank. She questions her motives of sending the twins and Baba Voss to find the pouch. Paris brings up when Jerlamarel brought her to the village. He warned Paris to "be careful." Paris originally thought he meant to watch out for the pregnant woman. But now she worries it may have been a warning about Maghra. Maghra "tolerates her curiosity" but shuts down any thoughts of "sinister moves."

In the forest, Baba Voss hears "humming" through the trees. He and the twins walk through piles of plastic strewn along the trail. Some of the bottles have been set up as wind chimes. They come to a scavenger compound. Haniwa volunteers to search for the missing items. She knows their mother would not have sent them if retrieving the pouch weren't critical.

Haniwa walks through the plastic fortified compound. She avoids ropes tied to pull alarms. Haniwa sees the stolen items near the water on a strange alter. When she reaches for the pouch, a masked figure watches her from atop the plastic walls.

Boba Voss and Kofun hear Haniwa scream. They race through the plastic garbage into the compound. Haniwa finds his sister unconscious by the altar. He is attacked by the masked warrior. He's thrown to the ground in a vicious assault. Baba Voss saves his son, and then locks the masked warrior in a hold. As he chokes the stranger, the sign of Jerlamarel is seen branded into his chest. Haniwa awakens and begs her adopted father to stop. He pulls the mask of the warrior and stands him up. Haniwa states that "he can see."

As their carriage idles by a roadside fire, Queen Kane complains to Nyrie that she can hear "nothing." She had never been away from the hum of the dam's generators. She finds the silence "boring." Queen Kane beckons her servants to feed her. "Did you find eggs," she asks with no response. She walks to the fire and finds the body of the driver. Behind her, two shadows kill Nyrie. They toy with Queen Kane by clicking their fingers around her head. She grabs the driver's knife, but is captured. They ignore her cries to bribe them with "god bone." They like her smell and soft hands.

The twins and Baba Voss take the warrior to the others. Haniwa returns the sacred pouch to Maghra. She explains that the warrior is named Boots (Franz Drameh). He is also a son of Jerlamarel with sight. The prophet left the boy with the scavengers. They made the child a slave and forced him to wear the mask. The scavengers abandoned him when they heard the witchfinders were coming. Haniwa, against Paris' objections, says the boy must come with them on their journey. Maghra tells the boy to swear his allegiance. Boots kneels before and swears loyalty to Baba Voss.

The shadows lead Queen Kane screaming on her horse. In the forest, Baba Voss and Maghra catch up. She shows him the contents of the pouch, which we do not see. He doesn't understand why it is so important. Maghra continues that it was the last memory of her father. She does not trust the boy, Boots. Baba Voss does not trust anyone outside of their family.

Boots approaches Haniwa. He criticizes how she is treated. He felt the same distrust as one who can see. Haniwa gently shuts him down, her family loves her. He wonders if Maghra has "enough love for another child." Kofun and Bow Lion (Yadira Guevara-Prip) try to move the raft into the water. It's stuck at low tide. Bow Lion criticizes Kofun for not being an observer of people, even with his vision.

The shadows bring the still complaining Queen Kane to a settlement. She needs "oil for her ass" and a "maid to apply it." They have taken her to a worm house. The silkworm slaver rubs Queen Kane's soft hands, then guides her to the looms operated by his slaves. He ties a rope around her neck and chokes her when she threatens him. "An impudent mouth not used to being struck...a woman of wealth," he ponders. Her smells reminds him of the Payan royalty. He brands her a noble woman before Queen Kane is put to work, still screaming.

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss cannot unmoor the boat. In the distance, the witchfinders have found them. Everyone flees into the forest. Haniwa hides Maghra and Paris in a tree trunk. Baba Voss, Kofun, and Bow Lion silently stalk and kill the witchfinders. Boots opens a can of whoop ass and clubs them mercilessly. They hear Paris screaming for help. Haniwa and Baba Voss race to the tree trunk. Maghra has left. Her last words to Paris were "be careful."

Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo) and the witchfinders are staged at the riverbank. Maghra comes out of the tree line yelling his name. He approaches her with sword ready. She puts on an elaborate ring from the pouch and holds out her hand. A stunned Tamacti Jun hears it, then drops to his knees. He takes her hand as he kneels; loudly proclaiming, "Hail Princess Maghra...of the House of Kane."

Maghra is the sister of Queen Kane. Jerlamarel was romancing the both of them. Now it makes sense why they fled when she became pregnant with the twins. How's that for a monster reveal? Maghra kept her secret until their lives were truly in danger. Now she commands Tamacti Jun, while her pampered sister learns a hard lesson from the silkworm slaver. That bombshell, Queen Kane's capture, and the introduction of Boots ramps up the intrigue. See returns next Friday with episode six on Apple TV+.

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