Known for appearing on the TLC reality show My 600-lb Life, reality TV personality Sean Milliken has reportedly died. After having breathing problems arising from an apparent infection, Milliken was transported to a Texas hospital where he took a turn for the worse. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff, Milliken passed away at the age of 29. TLC has commented on Milliken's passing in a statement, offering their "deepest sympathies to Sean's family and friends at this difficult time." He was last seen on the network last summer when the series interviewed him to provide an update on his life since appearing on the program.

Milliken's father also confirmed his son's death in a post on Facebook. It's clearly a very hard time for the heartbroken father, given just how young Milliken was. He details what happened in the post, confirming his son's passing and fondly remembering the person that he was. "Sunday he was having problems with his breathing," the Facebook post reads. "They were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped." He adds that his son was a good man with a "good heart."

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As revealed on the TLC program, Milliken struggled with weight problems throughout his life, dating back to his childhood. By his senior year in high school, he had topped 400 pounds on the scale. Thing grew worse from there after he suffered a debilitating leg injury, making him bedridden. This would evolve into a lifestyle which would follow Milliken until his death, with constant weight struggles and with most of his time spent in the bedroom. Following high school, and at his highest point, Milliken managed to reach a staggering 900 pounds. It made not only Milliken's life that much more difficult, but the stressed weighed heavily on his mother as well, who struggled to do all she could to take care of him.

In 2016, Milliken appeared on My 600-lb Life because of weight issues spiraling out of control. It's not clear how much weight he lost following his appearance on the program. "I am a prisoner," he once said about his inability to handle being out of bed for longer than 30 seconds at a time. "All I want is out, and I never really thought my life would end up like this." In an interview with People magazine that same year, Milliken spoke about his goal to undergo surgery to assist him with his weight loss goals, but it's not known whether he managed to follow through with these plans prior to his passing. Ominously, Milliken even spoke about his fears that he wouldn't live to see the age of 30. Dying just shy of that at the age of 29, it sadly seems Milliken was able to ominously predict his death.

Milliken precedes his mother Renee in death, who passed away last year from kidney-related issues. She had appeared on My 600-lb Life along with her son, speaking about the difficulties she had with caring for him. May they both rest in peace. This information comes to us from TMZ.