If you're a fan of classic comedy, it's been a good week. Not only is Rick Moranis reprising his role as Dark Helmet on an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs, but he is now confirmed for Netflix's SCTV Comedy Special. The special was announced recently and will be directed by Martin Scorsese. Getting Moranis on board was the last missing piece of the puzzle and now he's locked in.

The fact that Rick Moranis is coming back for the reunion is significant. Moranis claims he never retired from acting, but he did mostly step away from show business in 1997 following the death of his wife to raise his family. While he hasn't appeared on screen as an actor, he has done some voice work, such as in Disney's Brother Bear. His last live-action movie was 1997's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves! He turned down an opportunity to appear in the Ghostbusters reboot, which was probably for the best. But the point is, he's been perfectly fine to turn down similar opportunities in the past. So it's pretty fantastic that he has agreed to appear in the SCTV special.


Rick Moranis joins his fellow, former SCTV stars Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas in the Netflix comedy special, which is set for 2019, but the streaming service has yet to announce an exact premiere date. The Netflix original comedy special will explore the enduring legacy of Emmy-winning sketch comedy show SCTV, which helped spawn the careers of these important comedic voices. The late John Candy and Harold Ramis were also part of the series. SCTV ran for six seasons, over the course of eight years, for a total of 135 episodes. The series spawned many memorable sketches and characters. Most notably, Bob and Doug McKenzie, played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.


Not to get too ahead of ourselves or optimistic here, but does this signify a comeback for Rick Moranis? His kids are grown now and there is no real reason he can't make a return to movies and TV. The idea of Spaceballs 2 has been floated around quite a bit in recent years. Maybe Moranis is finally ready to give something like that a shot? Or, it could be that he is just doing a couple of cool things and will once again disappear from the limelight. In any case, it's exciting to have someone like him back in any capacity.

The SCTV cast will be together this Sunday, May 13, for An Afternoon with SCTV, moderated by Jimmy Kimmel. The event will be held at Toronto's historic Elgin Theatre at 3 p.m. and the filming will be part of the Netflix special. Limited tickets are still available. CTV has joined the special as a broadcast partner in Canada. Netflix will premiere the special, which doesn't have an official title just yet, globally in all territories, with the exception of Canada, where it will premiere exclusively on CTV. Following CTV's airing, the SCTV comedy special will be available exclusively on Netflix in Canada and worldwide.