In these troubled times, there is a great deal of comfort to be found in rewatching your favorite serials. Even better would be to watch the episodes along with the stars of the show itself. And that is exactly what a new podcast hosted by Zach Braff and Donald Faison intends to do with their cult classic series Scrubs.

The duo started the podcast, titled Fake Doctors, Real Friends With Zach + Donald to review all the seasons of their show, which ran for nine years before ending a decade ago. In an interview concerning the podcast, Zach Braff explained what fans can get out of the podcast.

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"It's almost like DVD commentary. We'll sit around and talk about funny stories and things we remember behind the scenes."

The duo also revealed that the podcast will definitely host other guests from the show's run, including creator Bill Lawrence, and provide answers to long-running fan queries regarding Scrubs. For Faison, the podcast is a way for them to be closer to fans.

"We started thinking of doing this for the people who did watch the show, fans of Zach and I who are wondering what we're doing and how we're doing. This is a great place to check-in and hopefully enjoying conversations between two best friends."

The first episode of the podcast is already up, and listeners learned about where Braff was working when he got the news about landing a role on Scrubs, and how he auditioned for the role of John Dorian twice because the casting agents had forgotten he had been there already.

Scrubs was a game-changer for sitcoms in a lot of ways. It was one of the few shows at the time that did not use a laugh track and combined broad humor with clever satire to tell the tale of medical student JD, played by Braff, who comes to work at Sacred Heard Hosptial, where he encounters an array of zany characters.

The show was praised for its ability to combine laughs with some genuinely moving moments, and for not trying to sugarcoat the reality of working in the medical field. An array of fantastic actors prevented the show's supporting cast from becoming goofy caricatures.

JD and Turk, played by Donald Faison, were best friends who worked at the hospital, and their relationship is often cited as one of the best bromances in sitcom history, right up there with Joey and Chandler. The prospect of catching up once again with the duo through the podcast will be a welcome one for fans.

The arrival of the podcast had been teased all the way back in February when Braff had tweeted to ask fans if he and Faison should do a rewatch podcast. Predictably, the question was met with rapturous assent by Braff's followers.

Since the present lockdown prevents any physical meetups, the podcast happens via a video conference call between Faison and Braff. Faison further revealed to EW that watching the pilot episode from 2001 took him back to the first time he met Braff at Bill Lawrence's house.

"I remember meeting Zach and how on point he was."

"I was very nervous," Braff adds about the first table read. "Donald had worked a bunch already. I had some small things, but this was my big break. I walked in and [Faison] turned around and gave me the biggest smile and just came towards me, gave me a hug. It was really just so warm and inviting and we've been hugging ever since."

The duo also confirmed that the podcast will cover, and probably make jokes about, the infamous ninth season of Scrubs, which many fans saw as a half-hearted cash crab with a new set of characters. The podcast is hosted by iHeartMedia. This was first announced at Entertainment Weekly.

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