After languishing in development hell for three and a half years, the Scream TV series will finally be returning to television for a third season. Called Scream: Resurrection, the six-episode series has been given an official release date, trailer, and new network. Rather than airing on MTV like before, the new episodes will instead air on VH1 starting Monday, July 8. Airing two episodes per night, the show will then air the rest of the season over the next two nights, concluding on Wednesday, July 10. Perhaps bringing Scream was an experiment for the network, as this will be the first scripted series to be aired on VH1 in several years.

First premiering on MTV in 2015, the Scream TV series was heavily inspired by the original movie from director Wes Craven. It follows a group of teenagers in the fictional town of Lakewood who become the target of a masked murderer killing them off. As with the movie series, the identities of the ones involved with the murders are kept private until the finale, with the reveal further explored in the show's second season. When a third season was announced in 2016, however, it was reported that it was to go through a creative reboot, severing all ties to the first two seasons. This meant none of the same characters would be returning, though it also allowed for the inclusion of the same Ghostface mask from the Scream movies.

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When the third season was announced, it was also reported Brett Matthews (The Vampire Diaries) had signed on as the new showrunner, with Queen Latifah executive producing. Voice actor Roger Jackson, who provided the altered voice of Ghostface on the telephone in the movies, reprises the role for the TV series as well. The new storyline will follow high school football star Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler), haunted by his troubled past and the new threat of a masked killer on the loose. Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, Tyga, C.J. Wallace, and Paris Jackson also star. Once again, it is going to be fun for fans watching to try to guess who the killer(s) might be before the official reveal in the season's closing moments.

Given how long it's taken to bring Scream: Resurrection to air, it doesn't seem likely at this time there will be any additional seasons. Of course, that could change if the show turns out to be a surprise hit for VH1. In any case, this show is going to be the only place we'll be seeing the classic Ghostface mask for a while, if ever again. After directing all four installments of the movie series, Wes Craven sadly passed away in 2015, and there have not been any official talks since to continue the story in a Scream 5 movie. The possibility will always remain that the franchise could be rebooted with a new story on the big screen as well, and this run on VH1 with the original mask can serve as an example of what that might be like.

In any case, Ghostface is going to deliver at least one more round of terror in just a few weeks time. We won't be seeing familiar faces like Sydney, Gale, and Dewey, but big fans of the series still may want to check that out. Scream: Resurrection premieres on VH1 on July 8, and you can watch the trailer for the series below. This information comes to us from THR.