Following claims made by Nicole Eggert, former Charles in Charge star Alex Polinsky came forward with his own stories of abuse at the hands of Scott Baio earlier today. However, Baio's representatives held a press conference denying all of the allegations from Polinsky and Nicole Eggert. Baio was not present for the press conference where his reps called the whole thing a "witch hunt." Alex Polinsky shared stories of sexual harassment along with verbal and physical abuse from Scott Baio while the two were on the set of Charles in Charge in the late 1980s.

Back in December of last year, Alexander Polinsky started a tweet storm while trying to get ahold of Scott Baio. The former child star did not go into details, but he wanted to talk to Baio about the abuse that he suffered and witnessed on the set of Charles in Charge. Polinsky alleged that he witnessed and was a victim of "physical, mental, verbal, and sexual abuse." Polinsky has since deleted his Twitter account, but he alluded to the allegations before Nicole Eggert came forward. Scott Baio denied the allegations by Nicole Eggert and today he denies the allegations by Alex Polinsky.

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In a prepared statement, Scott Baio's representatives spoke about the "witch hunt" that their client is currently involved in. In addition to denying all of the allegations, the reps went on to attack Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky's attorney, Lisa Bloom, for representing Harvey Weinstein. Baio claims that Polinsky only "makes claims in front of cameras" and said that he will continue to fight. He had this to say.

"For reasons I don't understand I am the victim of false claims that threaten everything precious in my life ... Mostly, I'm stunned ... I will not let this continue ... I will use every ounce of strength I have to fight this."

Alex Polinsky claims that Scott Baio was a bully on the set of Charles in Charge. He alleges that Scott Baio would use homophobic slurs while talking to Polinsky and says that he pulled down his pants and even threw hot tea in his face. Polinsky said the "hazing" and "torture" began right after he saw Nicole Eggert, who was 14-years old at the time, sitting on Baio's lap backstage on the set. Alex Polinsky said that he mistook the situation for horseplay, so the 12-year old leapt onto Baio's lap as well, at which point the older actor threw him off and called him a "F#ggot."

Scott Baio's representatives stood in front of pictures of the actor, Nicole Eggert, and Alex Polinsky, where they made their case. The press conference was open to questions and many asked why Baio wasn't present. Apparently, his daughter had a school function and he wanted to be there instead. The reps claim that all of the allegations can be "refuted with evidence." You can read more about the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at Scott Baio by Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky via The Hollywood Reporter.