Former Scientologist Leah Remini is ending her docu-series Scientology and the Aftermath after three seasons on the A&E network, with the final episode airing this month. Since 2016, Remini has been documenting the inner-workings of the Church from her point of view, bringing some serious concerns to the public eye. The series has been a hit for the network, earning multiple Emmy nominations with a win in 2017 for Outstanding Informational Series. Filmed in front of a live studio audience comprised of former Scientologists, the explosive two-hour finale will air on A&E on Aug. 26.

As you might expect, the final episode of Scientology and the Aftermath is going to be particularly controversial. The primary focus of the show will reportedly be on how the Church works to suppress stories of abuse, sexual or otherwise, by a number of Scientologists. Many former members will be sharing their own personal stories of the abuse they claim to have endured during their time in the Church, and a panel of legal, psychological, and law enforcement experts will be present to advise them on their next steps. Althought the episode will touch on the sexual assault and physical violence allegations against celebrity Scientologist Danny Masterson, the actor will not be the main focus of the episode.

As for why she's chosen to end the series after a three-season run, Remini says it's about continuing the fight in other ways. While she's happy to see the actions of the Church come under heavy scrutiny as a result of the program, Leah Remini feels she's done all she can do in this particular forum. Now that she's achieved what she sought out to do with Scientology and the Aftermath, it's time to focus her efforts elsewhere. "We did not plan on more than a season or two," Remini explains. "I always thought it would be six or eight episodes and that would be enough for the FBI, local police and the IRS to start doing something about it - or at the very least revoke their tax exemptions."

Best known for her long-running role as Carrie Heffernan on the hit comedy series The King of Queens, Remini had been raised as a member of the Church of Scientology from childhood. The actress made headlines in 2013 when she controversially left the Church, and has since been rather open about her former life as a Scientologist. She also filed a missing persons report for the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige that same year, and while police dismissed the claim as unfounded, it has made people question why she hasn't been seen in public since 2007. Remini later released a memoir in 2015 filled with more revelations about the Church, leading to the launch of Scientology an the Aftermath on A&E in 2016.

The final episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath will air on Monday, Aug. 26 on the A&E network. Still, it seems like this most definitely won't be the last we hear about Remini's fight to further expose Scientology. The TV series might be over, but the battle continues. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.