With production on the popular comedy series Schitt's Creek totally finished, the "Rosebud Motel" featured on the show will soon be going up for sale. On the popular CBC series, a formerly wealthy family is forced to take residence in a local motel of a small town called Schitt's Creek. The motel has become instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen just one episode of the popular show, and perhaps sensing big money to be made by selling an important part of TV history, the owner has announced that the property will be made available to purchase in October.

In reality, the Rosebud Motel is owned by Jesse Tipping and located in Hockley Valley, Ontario. Tipping has explained in an interview with CTV News that he's noticed the location grow more and more popular over the years. Of course, this has increased even more following the immense success of the show at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony. "It's been a little bit of a circus. There's just car after car after car of people rolling in trying to take pictures. Yesterday I stopped by and the traffic was stopped in front of it... It's a little bit wild," Tipping says.


The Rosebud Motel, if the new owner decides to keep calling it that, features eight apartment-style rooms along with a three-bedroom dwelling. It also comes with a horse stable and eight acres of the Nottawasaga River. Certainly, the new owner will also need to be aware that tourists will be stopping by to take photos of the building for years to come. For his part, Tipping knew that the building was to be used as a filming location when he bought it in 2011, and he says working with the Schitt's Creek film crew was a great experience.

"They're incredible to work with, from the location manager to the crew and everybody, they're amazing. They take care of the grounds as if it was their own, they respect it, they engage with the community when they can and it was a really wonderful process," he explained.


The Hulu series 11.22.63 and the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy are also among many other projects to film at the location. Still, the Rosebud Motel will likely always be what the land will be best known for. Tipping is suggesting that the next owner turn it into a themed motel to pay tribute to Schitt's Creek. There's no denying that such an establishment would see great business.

Dan and Eugene Levy created Schitt's Creek in addition to starring as two of the show's lead characters. Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, and Sarah Levy also star. The comedy series has earned tremendous acclaim over the course of six seasons, and its final season achieved exceptional success by sweeping the Emmys this year. Schitt's Creek set a record for most Emmy wins by a comedy series in a single season, along with another record for winning all four major acting categories. This news comes to us from CTV News.