Schitt's Creek may have wrapped up its run earlier this year but it is about to be making its way to a much wider audience. Not only has Netflix set a premiere date for the show's final season but Comedy Central has secured the rights to the series as well and will begin airing reruns next month. Even though the Rose family isn't returning for further adventures there is still a lot of gas left in the tank.

The news comes after Schitt's Creek had a huge night at the Emmys over the weekend. The hit comedy series had a slow burn during its run but it was rewarded greatly for its final season, which wrapped up in April on Pop TV. Schitt's Creek season 6 earned 15 Emmy nominations and ultimately came away with nine wins. The only show with more was HBO's Watchmen. Following the huge night, Netflix took to Twitter to reveal that the final batch of episodes will arrive on the service starting October 7.

"The history-making final season of Schitt's Creek will (finally) hit Netflix in the US and Canada on October 7."

Netflix already has the first five seasons of the show available to stream. After it debuted on Netflix, the popularity of the series began to grow, culminating in the hugely-celebrated sixth season. Meanwhile, Comedy Central will begin airing Schitt's Creek in its entirety beginning on October 2. The network will air five episodes every Friday, starting with season 1. Comedy Central is the sister network of Pop TV, which makes the move a no-brainer. Ultimately, this will allow for maximum exposure, allowing a whole new audience to potentially discover the show, which could give it a second life. We've seen this before with shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation.


Schitt's Creek was created by star Eugen Levy and his son Dan Levy, who also stars. It centers on a wealthy couple, the Roses, who unexpectedly find themselves completely broke. Their only remaining asset is a small town called Schitt's Creek, which they purchased years ago as a joke. The once-wealthy family is forced to give up life as they know it, with their two spoiled children along for the ride. They leave their luxurious lives behind them and are forced to face their newfound poverty head-first.

The series debuted in 2015 and, following a slow burn, found its audience over time. It ran for a total of 80 episodes before wrapping up its run with season 6. Aside from this being a hot show right now, it is a particularly big win for Comedy Central at a crucial, uncertain time in the industry. Studios are still struggling to get live-action productions up and running again. With that in mind, this will help provide the network with some attractive programming to help fill airtime with fewer new shows coming down the pipeline for the fall season. This news was previously reported by Variety.