Scandal ran for 7 successful seasons and now it has all come to an end as of last night. Shonda Rimes and Kerry Washington both took to social media to announce that they had finished filming the last episode while paying tribute to the show at the same time. The last day of filming started at noon on Friday and lasted until early this morning, sending the cast and crew home for the last time in a marathon session that was blasted out over social media.

Shonda Rimes announced earl this morning that Scandal had officially wrapped. She revealed that it was a sad event, but also noted how proud and excited she was to be producing the show. She had this to say.

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"And that's a wrap on #scandal. A lot of tears. A lot of love. Forever grateful for every second."

In another post, Rimes shared a photo of the Truman Balcony set of the White House. She went on to thank the cast and crew, calling them the "Scandal Fam."

"And that's a series wrap on #Scandal. Could not be prouder. Here is a shot of the Truman Balcony created by our amazing production crew. Thank you to every single person in our #scandalfam who helped bring this show to life."

Scandal star Kerry Washington also took to social media to share her feelings on the end of the hit ABC show. Washington has been the star of the show since the very first episode of Season 1 back in 2012. Washington played Olivia "Liv" Carolyn Pope, a former White House Director of Communications who is widely regarded as the best "fixer" in Washington. She said.

"Heading home. This was the most unforgettable FRATURDAY ever!!!!!!!! #Scandal. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude."

Actress Bellamy Young also shared her feeling on the end of Scandal with a social media post that included a video of the cast and crew. Young took time to talk about the Scandal family, but also wanted to thank the audience for being a part of the experience with the cast and crew. She said, "I'll love this family forever. That means you too. Thank you for being a part of this incredible ride! I'm profoundly grateful for every, every moment. With so much love."

Scandal is one of the most popular shows on social media. The cast tweets with their fans when the show is airing on television. During the premiere of Season 3, the show topped Nielsen's Twitter TV Ratings top 10. The show will be missed by fans, but they still have the rest of Season 7 to look forward to and probably a tearful social media good by when the cast live-tweets during the final episodes. You can check out what the cast and crew of Scandal had to say about the ending of the series below, courtesy of Shonda Rimes' Twitter account.

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