Have you ever wanted to eat lunch at the Max or serve detention in Mr. Belding's office? You're in luck, because the Saved by the Bell pop-up diner is coming to Los Angeles, called Saved By the Max. Lucky attendees will be able to sit in a recreation of the popular Max along with a separate dining area based off of Belding's office. The pictures are amazing, and tickets are going fast. The demand has surprised the crew behind the diner and they have recently added a brunch session to keep up with the demand.

One of the key sets of Saved By the Bell aside from Bayside High School was the Max. Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech, Lisa, and Jessie spent a lot of time at the restaurant. Zack was often pulling some kind of bro scheme to figure out how to fix Lisa's mom's car after he totaled it drunk driving or a place for Jessie to hang and come down from her diet pills. The iconic neon restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of kids who grew up in the 1990s.


Tickets went on sale yesterday and quickly sold out, leading to the addition of the brunch sessions. Don't worry, you won't have to pull a Zack Morris scam to get tickets, another event will be announced soon. Tickets are $40, and they include a meal that is created by Michelin-starred chef Brian Fisher. The menu isn't yet available for the Los Angeles version, but if it's anything like it was in the Chicago run, Saved By the Bell fans are in for a special treat.

The Chicago menu included the aptly titled AC Sliders (pulled pork sandwiches topped with Lillie's Q Good Barbecue Sauce), Tori's Fried Chicken (coated in an Asian-inspired sauce and served atop a waffle), and The Kelly Kapowski (a Monte Cristo made with prosciutto, gruyère and spicy brown mustard). There was even a Lisa Turtle Milkshake for dessert. People Magazine tried all of the above and revealed that they were all delicious. There will more than likely be some changes, but it's good to know that you're not just going to the Max for some Saved By the Bell nostalgia. Plus, the Max now has a wraparound bar that serves beer, which is something the original never did.


Derek Berry, who cofounded the Saved By the Bell dining experience says that he wants visitors to feel like they're an extra on the TV show. Berry says that every person working there will know all about the popular show because they all had to pass a Saved by the Bell quiz that was created to improve the immersive experience. Saved By the Max will go on from My 1st until December 30th, so there's plenty of time to go relive your 90s youth. Who knows, maybe Dustin Diamond will show up to sign copies of his book or work the counter. You can get more information about Saved By the Bell pop-up diner over at the official Saved By the Max website.