For those who are looking for a good nostalgic punch, one of the biggest and most influential teen sitcoms of all time is head to Netflix in its entirety. The platform will be the new home of all episodes of Saved by the Bell from September 15th. The addition includes the original series, plus the spin-off series The College Years and the two TV movies as well. The bad news for fans is that at the moment it will only be available to Netflix US subscribers with no dates announced for other countries.

Netflix made the announcement via Twitter, where they said, ""Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Lisa, and Screech are coming to Netflix. Saved by the Bell: The Original Franchise hits Netflix (in the US) on Sept 15! We're talking all eps from the original series plus The College Years and both TV movies: Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas!"

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One thing that is peculiar about the announcement is that rival streamer Peacock is currently airing the Saved By The Bell sequel series and have a new season arriving soon, which sees some past characters and new ones in a brand new modern day story. The series will be a boost to Netflix's comedy series, which recently saw the departure of numerous series such as The Office, Friends and Parks and Recreation who have all moved to other platforms for the time being, and Saved By The Bell will be joined next year by the entire Seinfeld collection.

Saved by The Bell first aired back in 1989 and ran through until 1993, and followed a group of friends through high school and the comedic situations they found themselves in during their educational years. As with most sitcoms, despite the laughs the show did touch on social and cultural issues such as drug use, women's rights and environmental issues. The series was revived twice with The College Years keeping some original cast members and advancing them out of high school for just one season, and then again with Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which as the title suggested effectively reset the series and ran for seven seasons between 1993 and 2000 despite it being constantly criticized for not managing to capture the charm and whit of the original series. In 2020, NBC revived the series again on Peacock, with some original cast members such as Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez reprising their roles.

While the series has remained popular with many, the response to Netflix's news was a little mixed from Twitter followers, with comments including some questioning why they are bothering, others saying that the show hasn't aged well enough for those who grew up with it to watch now, and the occasional mention of certain members of the cast's subsequent real life misdemeanors. However, there were plenty for fans of the show who were happy to see the announcement and will no doubt be bingeing like its 1989 when the series arrives next month.

Here are just some of the twitter reactions.