Fans who tuned in to watch WWE Superstar John Cena host Saturday Night Live this weekend were treated to a surprise right away during the show's cold open. While Alec Baldwin did not return to portray Donald Trump, the President-elect was the focus of the show's kickoff sketch, with Beck Bennett playing CNN's Jake Tapper as he interviews Kate McKinnon playing Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway. The two discuss some of Trump's controversial cabinet picks. Then "breaking news" hits, and it's revealed that Trump has enlisted New Mexico chemistry teacher Walter White as the head of the DEA, with Bryan Cranston making a surprise apparance to reprise his iconic Breaking Bad role.

In case you missed last night's show, the SNL YouTube debuted the hilarious video earlier today. This comes during a week where Donald Trump's actual cabinet picks were controversial at worst, including Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, a fossil fuel advocate who doesn't believe in climate change, much like Trump himself. He also appointed Hardees/Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder as the Secretary of Labor, although he is opposed to a minimum wage. Some have claimed that these picks undermine the actual departments, which leads into the announcement of Walter White as the head of the DEA.

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During Walter's brief interview with Beck Bennett's Jake Tapper, Bryan Cranston dropped a slew of references from Breaking Bad. He brought back his beloved catch-phrase, stating that Walter White is "the one who knocks," while teasing that Donald Trump found him in the comments section of Breitbart. He also teased that he's been off the grid for awhile after faking his own death, and that he is a great pick for the head of the DEA, since he knows the organization better than anyone, inside and out. Of course, he's referring to his time running a massive meth operation right under the nose of his brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), while also referencing the blue meth that his character became famous for.

Bryan Cranston previously brought Walter White back for an Esurance Super Bowl ad two years ago. That ad came just over a year after Breaking Bad ended its critically-acclaimed five-season run on AMC, where Walter White was finally killed. Walter White was also resurrectd in 2014, alongside Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman for an Emmy's promo with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, where Walter and Jesse had reinvented themselves as pawn shop owners. Many fans are hoping that both Walter and Jesse will come back in another show as well.

Ever since AMC's Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul debuted in 2015, fans have been wondering when both Walter and Jesse may make an appearance. The series is set several years before the events of Breaking Bad, showcasing how Bob Odenkirk's character Jimmy McGill transformed into the shady lawyer Saul Goodman. There are also scenes set after the events of Breaking Bad, where Saul has transformed himself once again, turning himself into a Cinnabon manager in Omaha, Nebraska named Gene. Season 3 is set to debut early next year, so while we wait for more on these Breaking Bad characters returning to Better Call Saul, take a look at this hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch below, with Bryan Cranston returning as Walter White.