President Donald Trump has made no secrets about his disdain for Alec Baldwin mocking him on Saturday Night Live, but as it turns out, the routine had worn thin for Baldwin himself as well. Famously, Baldwin had made frequent guest appearances on SNL over three separate seasons, playing a heightened version of Trump to poke fun at the Republican president.

Speaking with comedian Kevin Nealon on the YouTube series Hiking with Kevin, Baldwin describes his first season of playing Trump as "fun, fun, fun," but admits he had come to detest portraying the president after doing so for so long.

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"Then, every time I did it - the second and third season I did it, I'd go into my room and I was like 'I hope a meteor hits this building and kills me because I don't want to do this ever again. I hate this.'"

Beginning in 2016, Alec Baldwin had been mocking Donald Trump with his over-the-top portrayal of the president. Particularly focusing on his hand gestures, facial expressions, and perceived lack of intelligence, Baldwin's performance helped give SNL some of the best ratings it has had in years. The role even gave Baldwin his third Primetime Emmy Award in 2017, followed by another nomination the following year for the same part. Baldwin has since publicly expressed his desire to walk away from playing Trump to focus on raising his newborn, so even with his disdain for playing the part aside, Baldwin's tighter schedule seems to have also played a part in his decision to hang up the wig.

Maybe viewers and critics enjoyed Baldwin's take on Trump, but the president himself bashed the performance on Twitter, labeling it as an unfunny "Republican hit job." For what it's worth, Baldwin's weariness in playing the president has less to do with how funny it's perceived to be and more because he doesn't feel like it accomplish anything. "It's not doing anything good or bad for him," Baldwin laments. In other words, even if Trump and Baldwin can now agree that the SNL mockery has worn thin, it's still clear the two won't be sending each other Christmas cards this holiday season.

For what it's worth, Baldwin will soon be on the receiving end of some harsh mockery of his own. The legendary actor is set to appear in the hot seat for The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin, which President Trump has also previously done. Sean Hayes is set to lead the dais, joined by roasters Robert De Niro, Blake Griffin, Caitlyn Jenner, Joel McHale, Debra Messing, Chris Redd, Jeff Ross, and more to be announced. The special will be taped this weekend at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles ahead of its premiere date on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT on Comedy Central. Something tells me the president of the United States will be tuning in that night.

At this point, it seems pretty unlikely we'll see Baldwin appearing as Trump when new episodes of SNL return to NBC this fall. After three seasons, perhaps it's fair to say the gag has run its course, and it's time to pass off the blonde wig to another performer to run with. After all, we can't expect SNL to simply stop making fun of the president. You can watch Baldwin's chat with Nealon in the video below, courtesy of Kevin Nealon on YouTube.