Steve Carell made his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live last night, proving that he is still a master at comedy despite taking some time off in recent years to concentrate on high profile dramas such as his 2 Oscars season releases this year, Beautiful Boy and Welcome to Marwen. But the real highlight of the show came when his former cast mates from The Office arrived on stage during the opening monologue to beg Carell for a reboot.

Steve Carell spent the majority of his SNL monologue taking questions from an eager audience about doing the long-talked about The Office reboot. Ellie Kemper was the first former The Office star to appear on stage. And she was open and honest about why she felt the show should be revived.

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"I need that money. Let's get that money, Steve!"

Ellie Kemper has been the star of her own breakout Netflix original Series with Unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt. So she probably doesn't 'really' need the money. Steve Carell, ever the polite gentleman, declined the offer, prompting Kemper to call the man 'a jerk'.

The audience was then graced by the presence of Andy Bernard himself, Ed Helms, who saw his own popularity rise after taking on a major role in the former NBC sitcom, much like the stardom enjoyed by Steve Carell himself. Helms has gone on to make quite a few blockbuster comedies, including The Hangover trilogy, the Vacation reboot and the recent hit Tag. Despite all his found success, Helms also tried to convince Carell to come back for more The Office episodes.

"You wouldn't have to do all those sad movies anymore."

Next up was the woman behind Pam Beesly, Jenna Fischer, who has continued to successfully work in film and TV since The Office closed shop in 2013 after 9 critically acclaimed seasons. She asked Carell if he remembered the words Pam whispered into Michael Scott's ear before he left the series to move away. She reveals to the audience what those unheard words really were.

"Steve, don't be a dick, do the reboot."

During the opening monologue, Steve Carell's real-life wife, Nancy Walls, and their two children, also stood up in the audience to beg the man to return for an The Office revival. Walls said this directly to her husband in front of everyone.

"We think you should probably do the show."

Carell explained to his wife and kids that he didn't want to do the reboot, because it meant spending more time with them as a family. Walls replied, 'We don't care.' The three of them then left the building, not sticking around to watch any more of the show. Carell's former The Office co-stars joined him on stage. They pretended to have a very special announcement. But it wasn't to officially announce the reboot. It was just to tell everyone they were in store for a great show.

Among the standout skits from the night included one where Steve Carell appeared as Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. He talks about the real-life man's recent announcement that the company is getting a new headquarters in Brooklyn and Northern Virginia. He then proceeds to troll Trump, announcing a new service called Amazon Caravan, and putting Trump toupees on all the Amazon delivery drones. You can watch both the opening monologue featuring The Office reunion as well as the Jeff Bezos videos direct from SNL's Youtube channel.