If you didn't watch this week's episode of SNL while it aired, you missed out in a pretty big way. Not only did Sam Rockwell host the return of the long-running sketch comedy series after a month-long hiatus in what was a great, overall episode, but he dropped an F-bomb on live TV. That's right. The 49-year-old actor, for a brief moment, seemed to forget he was on live, network television and let an F-bomb go on the air. And now you can watch the sketch that Rockwell dropped the bomb in for yourself, as NBC has released the sketch online.

Sadly, the F-bomb has been removed. So if you didn't catch it while the latest episode of SNL season 43 was airing, you can't see it in HD. However, there is a video you can check out that does have the worst curse ever in it as well. It's just not the greatest quality, but it gets the job done. In the actual SNL video, you can still clearly tell when it happens in the clip as released, and the reactions are still pretty priceless, but it doesn't quite carry the same weight without the actual word being used in the sketch. This is the risk Saturday Night Live was willing to take when they started broadcasting live from coast-to-coast recently.


The sketch in question features Sam Rockwell as a character named Mr. Science on a fictional old PBS series called Science Show. Saturday Night Live cast members Cecily Strong and Mikey Day were alongside him as not-so-smart children who were watching him add oil to water to see what happens. At one point, after adding the oil to water, Rockwell says "Just poured the oil into the water. The oil is ... Josh, you can't be f--king this stupid," Rockwell then tried to recover as both Strong and Day played along after the F-bomb by wearing exaggerated looks of shock by saying, "Sorry. Kids aren't stupid. Just say what you see. Just look at it."


Saturday Night Live this week also featured guest appearances by both Billy Murray and Fred Armisen, who are beloved former cast members of the series. They appeared on Weekend Update to riff on on President Trump's recent "s***hole" comments. So all told, this episode of SNL was pretty heavy on the language. The audience members who aren't offended by F-bombs are better for it.

Sam Rockwell is coming off of his recent win for best supporting actor at the Golden Globes for his work in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. So he's riding pretty high right now, even with this pretty memorable mistake dominating the conversation right now. You can check out the full sketch, courtesy of the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel, as well as a video containing the intact F-bomb, for yourself below.