We've got some potentially bad news for Saturday Night Live fans, as fan favorite performer Kate McKinnon is reportedly considering her exit from the series. Her contract with the series will be expiring with the conclusion of Season 44, and McKinnon has not yet signed an extension to keep her around. Because of her continued success outside of SNL and increased work with other creative endeavors, McKinnon and her team are said to still be mulling over the choice to sign a new contract or go ahead and walk away from the series. At this time, it seems that the decision will be made at the last minute, and it really could go either way.

Kate McKinnon does great character work on SNL and is particularly known for her excellent celebrity impressions. Recently, she played Lori Loughlin in a sketch about imprisoned celebrities, poking fun at the Fuller House star over her college admissions bribery scandal. Some of the other memorable recurring characters to be played by McKinnon include political figures like Jeff Sessions, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Kellyanne Conway. For multiple segments on Weekend Update, McKinnon has also entertained audiences with her recurring roles as Russian woman Olya Povlatsky and the middle-aged woman Deenie, also known as "Somebody's Mom."

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Possibly McKinnon's most memorable impression is that of former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. During the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, McKinnon appeared in many segments as Hillary. For the Season 41 premiere of SNL, Clinton herself came onto the show to appear alongside McKinnon, which was a rather bizarre moment. McKinnon would later state her impressions of Clinton were done with all due respect, as she had a "deep admiration" for the potential president and genuinely wanted her to win the election. After Donald Trump wound up winning the Oval Office, McKinnon began to play Clinton less frequently, more often spoofing many of Trump's allies.

Because of her increasingly busy schedule, McKinnon's work outside the show is likely what's leading to the hesitation to sign a new contract. Recently, she signed on to star in and executive produce the limited series The Dropout for Hulu, which tells the true story of Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos company. McKinnon has been regularly getting movie roles over the past several years as well, appearing in movies like Finding Dory, Ghostbusters, Office Christmas Party, Family, and The Spy Who Dumped Me. She can next be seen in Danny Boyle's musical comedy Yesterday about a young man using the music of The Beatles to make himself famous by passing it off as his own.

With or without McKinnon, SNL will continue the same as it always has. Even if she ends up leaving the show as a recurring performer, chances are McKinnon would make guest appearances and likely serve as the official host. However, the comedian's presence would certainly be very missed on the series, so hopefully she ends up sticking around for some time to come. This information comes to us from Deadline.