For the first time ever, Adam Sandler is heading to Saturday Night Live as a host, and not just as a surprise guest. Sandler broke out during his time on the legendary sketch comedy series in the 90s, which led to a very lucrative and, at times, great Hollywood career for the actor and comedian. He's since returned a number of times to his former home, but only in a limited capacity and never as host. But that's all set to change next month.

The announcement was made via the official Saturday Night Live Twitter account. They shared an image that listed the lineup for their May 4 show. On a green post-it note, we see Adam Sandler's name. Below it on a pink post-it note, the musical guest for that week, Shawn Mendes. While there are surely plenty of music lovers who will be happy to see the hitmaker behind songs like In My Blood and Treat You Better on the SNL stage for his second time, it's unquestionably a big deal that this is Sandler's first time hosting.


Adam Sandler got his start in the SNL Writer's room in 1990. He then went on to become a cast member in 1991 and remained on the series until 1995. During that time, he crafted many memorable characters and scenes, including Opera Man and Hank Gelfand. He also introduced The Chanukah Song to the world during his time on the sketch series. Executive Producer Lorne Michaels had this to say in a brief statement.

"We are happy to welcome Adam back to 'SNL' in what is sure to be a special night."

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Adam Sandler went on to make comedy classics such as Billy Maddison and Happy Gilmore. However, over the years, he's crafted his fair share of movies that haven't quite worked as well, to put it as lightly as possible. But he's also had some incredible turns in dramatic roles, such as in Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love, or in The Meyerowitz Stories, which generated some legitimated Oscar buzz for him a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, his resume also includes movies like Jack and Jill and The Ridiculous 6.


While much of the comedian's recent career has been subject to scrutiny, it's felt like Adam Sandler is on the verge of a big comeback recently. His Netflix special 100% Fresh was incredibly well received and he's getting ready to appear in Uncut Gems, which is coming from the Safdie brothers and has some real heat behind it. Couple that with a hosting turn on SNL and things are very much looking up. Saturday Night Live returns this weekend with a new episode hosted by Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington. Be sure to check out the announcement from the Saturday Night Live Twitter account below.