Netflix may have pulled the plug on Santa Clarita Diet last year, but series creator Victor Fresco is still holding out hope for a fourth season. Premiering on the streamer in 2017, Santa Clarita Diet starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as Sheila and Joel Hammond --- a married couple whose lives completely change when Sheila turns into a zombie with a hunger for human flesh. An immensely popular series with mostly positive reviews, it came as a big shocker when the show was canceled in 2019 after only three seasons.

Perhaps the news of Santa Clarita Diet coming to an end was most surprising to Fresco and the show's cast and crew, as they had every intention of keeping the series going. Axing the series after season 3 meant that the show would have to conclude with a cliffhanger ending that may never be resolved. Still, if the opportunity were to somehow present itself, Fresco says he would love to make another season to properly conclude the story.

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Here's what Fresco had to say about the possibility of making season 4.

"That's something I think we all would want to do if everyone was available. Emotionally, everyone on the show would love to do some kind of closure. We thought it would be fun to do a season with Joel and Sheila in the same boat - what that would look like. I feel like this would be better for us and better for our fans too."

If a revival happens at some point in the future, Fresco and the writers already have some ideas as to where the story will go next, following Joel's transition into becoming one of the undead at the end of season 3.

"We had Abby and Eric's relationship which was turning into something interesting at the end of the series. To see Abby now as a hunter of the undead since both her parents are now undead. Joel could have a different attitude [to Sheila], we would want him to be a little bit different in how he approaches things. It will be interesting to see him with that unleashed and what he turns into. So not just who he kills and how he kills but what kind of person he becomes."

Although Santa Clarita Diet was critically acclaimed, it might be that there just weren't enough people watching to justify Netflix investing in another season. Amid the controversy of the show getting booted last year, Netflix's head of original content, Cindy Holland, opened up to Deadline about the decision. According to Holland, the company didn't want to "continue to invest in something that doesn't do as well as we had hoped." Although petitions were created to help convince Netflix to reverse course, the decision appears to have ultimately been final.

All three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet are currently streaming on Netflix. You can also find Barrymore hosting her new talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, while Olyphant has recently been appearing on other popular shows like Fargo, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Mandalorian. This news comes to us from LADbible.